How To Get Laid When You Live With Your Parents


Meeting with a girlfriend tonight and you just know you have good chances of succeeding at getting laid? But how to get laid when you live with your parents? What are the best methods that you can use to avoid getting disturbed by your mom or dad when trying to have sex with a GF?

When I was a teen, I remember bringing this gorgeous girl home, thinking how my mom and dad are soundly asleep. I was certain that it wouldn’t end just with cuddling. I was going to score that night. Needless to say, just as we were trying to sneak upstairs we got caught by my dad.

Dad wasn’t problematic, but he did start chatting with her and smiling in a strange way, making the whole thing a completely awkward situation. He ruined the atmosphere and she was feeling uncomfortable doing anything sexual after that encounter. She stayed for a bit, we kissed, talked and then she’d leave. I was so mad at my dad for showing up that night.

To avoid similar problems, we prepared a couple of elegant ways for how to get laid even if you’re still living with your parents. Hope these’ll give you some new ideas and help you score tonight!

Here are 5 tips on how to get laid when you live with your parents!

Is the presence of your parents really such a problem?

be honest introduce your GF to parents

I mean, in many countries it is completely normal to bring a girlfriend to your parents house. And it is a normal thing to make love even when they’re sleeping in the room just next to you.

The only problem is it might get weird if you’re not sincere about it. You should properly prepare both, your parents and your GF. You should tell her what your situation is and that you are currently living with your old folks for whatever reason that is. And you should also tell them that you’re bringing your girlfriend tonight for a sleepover.

If it comes to having sex that night you should be careful that you are not too loud. Slow passionate sex will do much better than a rough crazy banging. Leave that for some other occasion when you two are alone.

Therefore, my first answer to how to get laid when you live with your parents would be: just let them know about it. Don’t hide it, be sincere, let them know you are an adult. I think they will prefer you doing it home, instead secretly doing it somewhere else. It is safer that way.

If the presence of your parents is indeed a problem for you, read on, what other methods you can use to get laid without them bothering you.

Know where they are and when they’re coming back

know your parents schedule

If you know your parents schedule, it can be a lot easier to plan when you should bring your GF home for some hanky-panky.

Is your dad away on a business trip? When does your mom usually go out? What shifts do they work? Start keeping attention to their routine. They may even tell you about their absence. Like: “Hey. We won’t be home this weekend because we’re going to visit (something/someone).”

It is a perfect situation for bringing a woman to your house. Despite your parents being away, it is still best to let your girlfriend know that you live with your mom and dad. Because, she’ll find about it anyway as soon as she steps her foot inside the apartment.

Any decent woman should understand regardless of your age if you have a good reason for that. Money doesn’t fall from the sky, and sometimes you face a difficult situation and are practically forced to go back home until you save some money.

And if she’s looking for someone for the money, it is best to get away from her as soon as possible. Regardless of what you may feel towards her or how beautiful she is.

Learn to sneak around the house without being caught

sneak in and out the house

How to get laid when you live with your parents? – You should be familiar with the house … What entries are best for getting in without being noticed? Which door hinges are squeaky? Where are your old folks usually stationed when they’re home (in which room)?

I remember how I used to leave my house through the window and down the roof, while telling my parents that I’m going to sleep, locking the bedroom door. They thought I was asleep, while I would go to a party with my buddies.

Of course I’m not saying to bring your girlfriend home and tell her to climb up through the window (even though you can do that too), but just saying, that knowing your way around the house can be an essential skill when you’re trying to get laid in the same house that your parents live in.

It is a way to avoid being caught.

And if you two know how to do it silently, there’s like no way they’ll suspect anything. It can of course get awkward if you get caught on your way out, lol.

What are some other places where you could have sex?

cinema sex

So, you decided that in no way you’re bringing her home? Instead you’re thinking about alternatives, other places where you two could do it?

There are lots of options, however, it greatly depends on how shy you are. Public places may not be ideal if you (or she) are conservative about these things. If it’s just the other way around and you like playing it risky, then you are in for a treat.

These are the 9 best places to get laid when you live with your parents:

  • Your friends place – You can ask your best mate, if he can help you, by lending you his apartment for a few hours.
  • Private meadow near the woods – Cover the grass with a blanket and have a picnic. If there’s no people around you can also get intimate.
  • Movie theater – Pick a movie and the time, when the cinema is more or less empty. Sit somewhere away from other folks, somewhere at the back. You are most probably not going to get noticed doing naughty stuff back there.
  • Public bathroom – If you know a place that has clean toilets you can do it there. It isn’t the most romantic environment, however.
  • Hotel room – There are plenty hotels (and motels) that won’t cost you that much. You can book a room there for the night and bring your girlfriend along.
  • Festival – Take her with you to a festival. Festivals are a great place to get laid when you live with your parents. And if the band playing is one you like, you’ll also get to enjoy the music.
  • Secluded area on the beach – If you know of a spot that isn’t crowded with people, take your GF there. Not only you can be intimate, you are also both going to get some suntan.
  • In the sea – Sea is great to cool off when you’re too hot, but it is also great to hide what’s happening below your waist. Being watched by people on the shore is also brings in additional suspense.
  • Gondola lift – If skiing is the thing you’re enjoying with your woman, you two can board an empty gondola lift. Usually you get a couple of minutes before it arrives to the top of the hill, the time which you can use for all sorts of naughty things.

Get a job and get your own place

How To Get Laid When You Live With Your Parents - Get a Job

How to get laid when you live with your parents – Simple. Earn some money of your own, which you can use for getting your own place.

Harsh but true. If you are over 25 and still living home with your parents, unemployed, you should consider finding a job. You can quickly save money and rent your own place once you are employed.

Most people who can’t afford their own place are jobless. I understand that some may still be attending school at that point, which is OK. However, if you are a lazy bum, without any responsibility whatsoever, then please get your ass of the sofa and start looking for work.

And if you think that the company is going to reach out to you, you are so wrong. You have to be active and search for available jobs in your area. Apply for anything that seems interesting to you. And don’t be picky about it.

Get laid when you live with your parents – Final thoughts

Living with your parents and dating at the same time can be problematic. However, we hope that the above 5 tips for having great sex with your girlfriend when you live with your mom and dad will turn out to be useful for you.

Don’t be embarrassed of your situation. And don’t try to hide it or lie about it. There’s nothing wrong with living with your old folks. While there’s very wrong to be dishonest with someone you love. She will be very angry with you, if she finds out that you were lying to her the whole time.

And try to become financially independent, and get your own place as soon as possible. It is the most sensible thing to do, when you’re obviously craving for privacy.


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