10 Ways to Get Closer With Your Partner


Reconnecting With Your Significant Other

Does every conversation turn into an argument? Do the conversations even exist anymore?

It may seem unnatural now, but there comes a time when looking at your partner does not make you excited or jittery. We’re living in a super hectic world where everything is on a rushed timeline. Whether it;’s school, kids, or work, there is little time left to bond with your partner.

So, what happens when life starts to eat your relationship away? Rather than watch your connection ebb away, it’s crucial to learn how to get closer with your partner. Most of the time, it won’t even require grand gestures to get closer in relationships.

Ways to Reignite the Relationship

Now, what can you do to get closer to each other?

1.         Be Curious

If you’ve been with someone for a couple of years, it’s natural to assume you know everything about them. Over the years, the two of you will create routines and patterns, and we tend to think everything is just how it was in the beginning.

However, people are subject to change. Different aspects of their life will evolve or adapt to new preferences, including sexual life.

So, learn to stay updated, and the simplest way to achieve this is curiosity. Ask about work, and suggest new date ideas. Ask about how your partner currently feels about your relationship.

Remember, aggressive questions or demands tend to make people defensive, so be keen on the tone you use.

2.         Make Plans

It’s easy to get lost and detached in a scheduled life, so take time and plan something with your partner. According to marriage therapists, positive anticipation can make the two of you feel closer. Planning for an adventurous activity that is exciting or with novelty levels helps couples get closer to each other and reconnect.

Planning for a trip or vacation allows you to spend more time with your partner.

Woman and Man Running on the Beach

Make time and make bucket lists of things you want to do and places you want to visit together and ensure you cross off as many as possible. This allows you to spend more time together, relearn each other, and create lifelong memories with your significant other.

3.         Touch

In most relationships, intimacy is always the first to fade away, both physically and emotionally. So, make a habit of touching your partner. It could be as simple as a shoulder rub or holding their hand. In case of any bedroom related issues such as low libido or erectile dysfunction, try and work them out together. This includes taking couples’ yoga, trying out lube substitutes, or seeing a sex therapist together.

4.         Learn to Share Good News

Your goal is to create a connection with your significant other, but you should also strive to make it a happy and positive one. You may argue that your partner should be reliable in good and bad times, but you’d be surprised at how sharing related news brings you together.

Learn to share positivity with your significant other, and take time to celebrate your wins

Constantly sharing good news and celebrating small wins elevates both your moods. It also helps to create a positive foundation for your relationship.

5.         Pop a Text Message

To be honest, nobody has the time to sit and press their keyboards all day long. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to text your significant other.

The goal is to let them know you’re thinking of them, even when they’re away from you. It could be as simple as wishing them a good day at work or something more intimate.

With many of us spending so much time in front of our screens, this shouldn’t be a hard thing to fit in your day.

6.         Do them a Favor

If we’re being honest, life can feel rushed and overwhelming at times. Your partner most certainly feels the same way. So, learn to help out whenever you can, even without getting asked.

This is especially helpful if the love language of your significant other is acts of service. Checking off something in their list is thoughtful, sweet, and will help you get closer to each other.

7.         Kiss

When was the last time you kissed your partner? How about a peck or a kiss or the cheek before they left for work? Do you even remember what it feels like?

Pecks are not bad, but that’s not going to help you connect with your loved one.


Kissing when you meet can change your interaction into a positive one. In addition, it will strengthen your intimacy and foster eroticism. Kissing is a basic intimate connection, and making out with your significant other often will rekindle what you had at the beginning.

8.         Go Out for Drinks

At this point, there’s no need to bring up your crazy and hectic life. Ask your partner out for drinks in the middle of the week to get away from it all. This is a great way of relaxing, talking, and connecting with your partner.

It doesn’t have to be drinks; you can opt for alternative midweek dates such as a culinary indulgence. Such simple activities recreate your relationship’s initial stages when you were crazy for each other and meeting gave you butterflies.

9.         Complement

Stressing over how to get closer to the loved one might increase the gap if you’re trying too hard. Little gestures will help you get closer emotionally, which includes taking the time to appreciate your partner.

The spark never dies if you know what ignites it.

Man Kissing Woman

Compliment your partner often, in the morning or as you get into bed. Make time to tell them something nice, or remind them why you fell in love with them. It’s nice to feel wanted and appreciated, and if we’re being honest, everyone loves compliments.

10.       Get Help

If you feel you’re doing your best but can’t get closer with your significant other, don’t feel shy to ask for professional help. This could be relationship coaching, therapy, or counseling. You would be surprised at how effective an unbiased party can work magic to help you get closer with a partner.


It doesn’t matter how the two of you fell apart, what matters is the effort you put in to get closer. For such an effort to be effective, both parties must invest themselves in the process and put in the work.

What are some of the tricks you’ve used to rekindle the affection in your relationship? Have you tried some of the tips above? Share your experience with us, we would love to hear from you!

Author’s bio: 

Rachael Sullivan is a family lawyer for many years with a sole practice in family law. She met her husband on Dating Ranking and now she enjoys sharing healthy tips for relationships so that it can be as easy and happy as possible because words are powerful and can change everything.


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