15 Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis


It is estimated that 10% – 20% of women worldwide are suffering from Endometriosis. In numbers that means that at least 386 million women are having this problem in 2020 [Source: World Population].

Endometriosis (also sometimes referred to as adenomyosis), is a condition in which the tissue that was supposed to grow inside the uterus, starts to grow outside of it, most commonly on the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Sometimes people mix uterine fibroids and endometriosis, but they are two completely different things. If you’re having problems with uterine fibroids, then you should definitely check out this video.

Here we focus on endometriosis. Symptoms can be mild or severe, it varies between cases. However, the 3 most common symptoms of endometriosis are pelvic pain, infertility and dyspareunia (painful sex). We’re going to discuss the last one – pain during sex, which is very common with women suffering from endometriosis.

Sex positions have great role with dealing and easing that horrible pain. To enjoy sex and experience pure pleasure from it, we’re going to share 15 best sex positions when you have endometriosis.

how to have painless sex if you have endometriosis

“Sexual pleasure is a legitimate right of the human being.” – Samael Aun Weor

Sex should in no case be all pain & no joy! Sex should be pleasure, an orgasmic experience for both partners, sex should be something that you lust for, not something that you’re afraid of, due to constant presence of pain.

There are certain sex position that can be extremely painful when you have endometriosis, while there are also those positions that make sex with endometriosis painless and enjoyable.

We think you’ll be able to find helpful content here if you’re searching answers to questions such as:

  • Ways to ease pain during sex if you have endometriosis?
  • What are the best sex positions when you have endometriosis?
  • Which positions increase chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis?
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  • Which positions hurt less when you have endometriosis?
  • How to enjoy sex when suffering from endometriosis?
What is endometriosis?

Every woman, every couple, can transform their intimate life by following our guide. Some of the presented positions are even thought to have better chances for conception.

Therefore, besides getting pleasure from these endometriosis sex positions, you also fight fertility issues that come as a consequence of endometriosis.

By the way, if you are searching for how to get pregnant with endometriosis see our related article. The article you’re currently reading deals with pain during sex and how practicing proper sex position can help women with endometriosis. Fertility we have covered separately in the linked article.

Without further ado, these are (according to sex therapists) the 15 best sex positions when you have endometriosis to ease the pain during sex:

  1. Lots of foreplay
  2. Position 69
  3. Pillow missionary
  4. Classic cowgirl
  5. Reversed cowgirl
  6. The spoon (side by side cuddling)
  7. The facing spoon
  8. The doorway position
  9. Flat doggy
  10. Stairway to heaven
  11. The iron chef
  12. Sitting reverse cowgirl
  13. Spiderman
  14. The zodiac
  15. Bathtub cowgirl

… these are the 15 best sex positions when you have endometriosis.

Endometriosis sex positions

Above you could see the list of the best sex positions for women with endometriosis. Those should help you avoid pain during sex and bring you pleasure. We’ve made the list after consulting with a number of sex therapists and ob-gyn’s, and based on their feedback we believe that our sex positions work best for women affected by this condition.

But because our list might be hard to understand and imagine solely from the text itself, we want to further describe and visualize it, with the use of sketch images (big thanks to schoolofsquirt.com for sharing those sketches. They are an amazing website so definitely check them out if you haven’t yet).

Below you’ll find the endometriosis sex positions, where each of them has a brief description and an image (sketch) attached to it. Hope it helps, and please leave us a comment which one worked best for you!

give her oral before penetration

1. Plenty of foreplay is a must, also don’t forget cunnilingus!

Foreplay is crucial. Both partners need to get in the mood, besides foreplay makes you relaxed. Tension and anxiety is often the main problem when trying to have an enjoyable sexual experience.

Also do not forget to perform cunnilingus on her. A good cunnilingus (giving her oral) will make a woman completely relaxed and literally send her into heaven. Mastering the foreplay you can indeed engage in a revolutionary sex.

position 69 - endometriosis sex guide

2. Position 69 is a great way to “warm up” when you have endometriosis.

To warm him up and to get even more oral pleasure yourself, position 69 can work wonders. Lay him down and go on top of him. Do your magic while he does his. It is one of the hottest thing to perform before engaging in penetrative sex. Women with endometriosis need lot’s of warm up – the key is to fully relax and to get in the mood. Remember that wetter is better, the wetter you’ll be, the less it will hurt you.

missionary sex position with pillow behind your back

3. Missionary with a pillow placed neatly behind your back.

Missionary is a position that may hurt a lot when a woman is suffering from endometriosis. It should be one of the most enjoyable ones, but with endometriosis it hurts like hell. This is because of the depth of penetration and because of the angel of it.

But using a simple thing like a pillow, can change things completely. Using a pillow neatly placed under your back will change the angle of penetration, and you may notice that there’s no more pain.

By the way, if your partner has a penis that might just be a bit too big to handle, give a look at this article – some great tips are revealed there (yeah bigger isn’t always better). Your bodies may after all be compatible, when you do things properly.

cowgirl position to ease pain if you have endometriosis

4. Cowgirl gives you full control over the depth and tempo of penetration.

Being on top is the way to go when you’re experiencing pain due to endometriosis. Why? – First, because you have things under control, not him. Guys sometimes think that faster and deeper is better (because they are completely uneducated in sexual matters). But a girl knows best what she wants at a certain moment. Cowgirl position gives you that ability to control the tempo, the depth and even the angle of penetration.


5. Obviously, reverse cowgirl also works!

One of the best sex positions when you have endometriosis is also a “reverse cowgirl”. Well obviously, if classic cowgirl works, then also a reverse cowgirl will be fine.

You may find that you prefer reverse version to the classic cowgirl. It changes the angle completely and if your man is more of a “booty guy” he is bound to enjoy the view!

spooning aka side position from behind

6. The spoon position, aka spooning sex, aka sideways sex.

Spooning is just like cuddling, except it’s a bit more kinky. It is sex of course! You can have your legs spread like the sketch above is showing, or you can do it in a closed position.

If you’re suffering from vaginal pains you may find that sideways sex features some of the absolute best sex positions when you have endometriosis.

spooning from the front aka facing spoon

7. Facing spoon is yet another endometriosis friendly position.

Well if you like to kiss while having sex, then facing spoon is the perfect position for you. It’s hot and sexy, and will guarantee that you ease the pain during sex (especially for women with endometriosis). This is indeed a sensual thing to try. To let him enter spread you legs wide open, but once he’s in close them. That will make him rub against your clitoris, which will provide some amazing sensations for you.

the doorway sex position

8. For those flexible enough, the doorway sex position can bring lots of pleasure.

Can you lift your leg and feel comfortable in the position presented on the image above? You have to be almost a professional gymnast, very flexible to do it. However, using door as something that you both can use as support may help you keep your balance.

There are a lot of things to try here, while having sex – he can caress your breasts, you can kiss, you can do some anal playing. Great unorthodox position to change things a bit, while also being one of the best sex positions when you have endometriosis. If it still hurts tell him to thrust less deep and try to set the correct angle.


9. While the doggy style is not recommended, “flat doggy” works fine.

Doggy style is one of those position to practice, when your partner may not be very well endowed. Sex with small penis can be great in the doggy style position. But this is just the opposite when you’re experiencing pain during sex, which can be a consequence of endometriosis.

However, let’s not completely exclude the doggy position. Trying other doggy variations might turn out to be orgasmic and painless even for women with endometriosis.

On the 9th place of the 15 best sex positions when you have endometriosis, we present “flat doggy” sex position. The angle here is different compared to classic doggy style, and there’s less depth. Can turn out to be just the thing you’re lusting for.

endometriosis positions - stairway to heaven

10. “Stairway to heaven” is basically a siting reverse cowgirl done on stairs.

When was the last time you did it on stairs? Of course the house has to be empty, kids have to be somewhere away, maybe send them somewhere nice with your parents, while you and your significant other try some new kinky stuff at home.

“Stairway to heaven” is great. Your husbands butt might hurt a bit, but you will be using him as a comfortable chair so you’re fine ;) When it comes to having enjoyable, painless sex when suffering from endometriosis, the stairway to heaven is a great option to spice up things.

the iron chef sex position

11. What’s cooking good-looking? – The iron chef position.

Let’s not go back to the bedroom just yet. Let’s keep things interesting. Do it on the kitchen counter. Have you ever done it there? It provides for that naughty atmosphere, which tends to make things so much more sensual.

If you got any coconut oil stored on the kitchen shelves, let him use that on you. Make him rub that oil all over your body and breasts, perhaps put some of it on his penis to lube thing up. Wetter is better, and will definitely feel less painful.

sitting reverse cowgirl

12. Sit on a comfortable chair or the edge of the bed and do a classical sitting reverse cowgirl.

We previously mentioned doing it on the stairs. As we suggested already, it might not be the most comfortable position for him, so perhaps doing it on the chair is a better option if you’re not trying to punish him intentionally. There is however a small difference here, making this position one of the best sex positions when you have endometriosis – you should lean forward and let him hold you. With this you change the angle of penetration. It’s also a good training, those thigh muscles will be working out during this position.

spiderman - best sex position for endometriosis women

13. The Spiderman, one of the best sex positions to try when you have endometriosis.

Both the A-spot and G-spot are stimulated when having sex in this position. You lift your leg and place it his shoulder. It is irrelevant on which side you are doing it, both sides work fine.

If you like clitoral stimulation, your man has a very nice access for rubbing you with his hand, while also performing penetration. You can access deep in this position, however if you’re hurting let him know that he shouldn’t go that deep.


14. “The zodiac” – the best sex positions when you have endometriosis.

The zodiac is just the most perfect thing you have ever done in a living room club chair … and also the most naughty one. You can surprise your husband, when he is watching TV by going on top of him. Hug him and start kissing. And things should unfold all the way to the point when you end up having sex in the position pictured above. Remember, he is trapped, you are in charge. All he has to do is hold you. And that makes “the zodiac” one of the best sex positions when you have endometriosis, which will result in pleasure instead of pain.

15 Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis - Bathtub sex cowgirl

15. When was the last time you have had a bathtub sex? If you have endometriosis, try it!

Is there any option that you two do it in a bathtub? If yes, go ahead. Bathtub cowgirl is amazing. However, one might think that the water will make things wet, but it wont. You should use a lube, silicone-based lube, which does not get rinsed of by water.

Penchant Premium is ingredient-friendly lube based on silicone, and it indeed does works wonders when it comes to water sports. You only need a few drops to make things glide without any painful friction. It does not get rinsed off by mere water, you need soap to clean it off.

And with bathtub sex idea, we end our list of 15 best sex positions when you have endometriosis.

Painless sex even if you have endometriosis

As we discussed in the intro, endometriosis is a really big problem, spread wide across all globe. Your age doesn’t matter, your race is irrelevant, if your young or old, if your white or black, endometriosis is something that can happen to you.

God forbid, but if you indeed have this condition, painful sexual activity is almost unavoidable. Only a very small percent of women suffering from endometriosis are lucky enough to not feel the symptoms of this disease.

Practicing sex positions that are supposed to feel most enjoyable for women with endometriosis is one way to ease the pain during sex.

With this in mind we wanted to write something that can be of use so we’ve made this article titled “15 Best Sex Positions When You Have Endometriosis”. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have found some new ideas and that we have managed to give you something helpful.

We value your opinion so give us a comment and let us know, which position worked best for you. What are your recommendations?

Thank you and take care <3

painless sex position with endometriosis

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