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ED elixir: Lately an increased number of men have been reported to suffer from erectile dysfunction problem (E.D.). Erectile dysfunction is a condition of being unable to maintain erection during sex.

It is a very serious problem and it is usually treated with medication. However, there are natural ways you can treat your erectile dysfunction. Here we present an article titled E.D. Elixir – How do you treat erectile dysfunction without medication? – Within this article we will talk about natural ways of treating E.D. without pharmaceutical products.

How do you treat erectile dysfunction without medication?

There are several natural methods for treating erectile dysfunction (according to ED Elixir). All these methods are in-fact proven to heal erectile dysfunction and help you maintain longer and harder erections. E.D. Elixir will teach you the process step-by-step and with this knowledge you’ll be able to fix your erectile dysfunction permanently without the use of medication. We will check natural ways for solving this medical issue and present you with some of the best and permanent solutions for treating E.D. (erectile dysfunction).

So, here is our list of natural ways and remedies for treating erectile dysfunction:

  • Healthy, natural lubricants;
  • Kegel exercises;
  • Maca root powder;
  • Exercise;
  • Sleep
  • Life style;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Eliminating meds;

However, if you want a detailed guide on how to treat your erectile dysfunction naturally, we recommend you take a look at ED Elixir, which is a truly comprehensive work (developed by medical doctor) focused on helping people with ED to cure it without the use of pharmaceuticals. Learn more by clicking the image below.

ED ELIXIR - how to treat erectile dysfunction naturally without the use of medication
ED Elixir – detailed guide for naturally treating E.D.

Healthy, natural lubricants for treating E.D.

Natural lubricants (lubes) can work medicinally to healing erectile dysfunction. However, there’s a big emphasis on natural.

Many over-the-counter lubes may contain harmful ingredients (e.g. parabens, formaldehyde releasers …), which work as irritants and are overall bad for your health. This is why it is crucial to only use high quality lubes with natural and organic ingredients.

Three of the most natural lubes, which we have to mention are:

These are some of the best natural lubes with healing properties, and massaging your penis can be extremely beneficial to curing your erectile dysfunction.

If you are more into actual lubes that are commercially sold as personal lubricants, we believe these are your best healthy choices:

Simply apply your favorite choice of lube onto the tip of your penis and massage it for cca. 15 minutes daily. Do not orgasm during massage.

Doing Kegel exercises can cure your erectile dysfunction

Kegels - Treat erectile dysfunction without medication

Kegel’s are known to most people as an exercise for women. However, training your muscles in the pelvic floor area is beneficial for both men and women.

There are numerous evidence that Kegel exercises are great for treating [source]:

  • premature ejaculation problems;
  • orgasm intensity;
  • erectile dysfunction;

The main goal of Kegel exercises is to locate your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) and train it by stretching and squeezing it. How do you know if you are doing Kegels correctly? – Here are some tips for doing Kegel exercises:

  • Do a similar pressure as if you’d want to pee (it is smart to go urinate before starting the exercise);
  • You should feel a strange feeling below your penis shaft;
  • Once you are good in it, you should see your penis move when doing Kegels (like actual movements – up and down)

When you try Kegels for the first few times, you’ll feel silly and like there’s nothing going on, but after 3-5 attempts you should begin seeing and most of all feeling the difference.

Kegels can be great to combine with lube massage, of which we talked earlier. Before and after your lube massage ordeal, you can also do Kegels. 5-10 minutes Kegels, 15 minutes massage with a lube, and again 5-10 minutes Kegels.

Personally I like to do Kegel exercises when driving a car for a bit longer routes (you do not have to be undressed to do Kegels).

You should see great improvements of your penis erections due to Kegels. And you will feel as if your penis is a part of your body, which you actually have control over.

Treating erectile dysfunction with Maca root powder

treat ED - black maca root powder

One of the ED Elixir foods that is proven to work as natural Viagra is the maca root powder.

To treat erectile dysfunction without medication you have to be familiar with foods that carry aphrodisiac properties.

One of such foods is the maca root powder, which has been proven to work as natural Viagra by numerous clinical studies. Although you have to know which maca root is the right one, for there are 3 types (colors) of the maca root from which you can choose from:

  • red maca root;
  • yellow maca root;
  • and black maca root.

The correct type (or better yet, color) to be used for treating erectile dysfunction, the true E.D. Elixir, is the black maca root. Black maca root works as aphrodisiac, while yellow is known to have hormone balancing properties and the red being known as the rarest of them all.

Besides being medicinal to E.D., maca root has many other benefits to it:

  • maca is known for boosting one’s libido;
  • increasing your energy throughout the day;
  • good for perimenopause symptoms;
  • can help you with overcoming insomnia;
  • and many more…

I had troubles sleeping when ingesting it prior to sleep. Therefore, I recommend making your “maca meal” in the morning. You’ll be filled with energy throughout the day, and you’ll be tired by the evening. You’ll sleep like a baby.

Recommended dosage of black maca root is 1 – 2 teaspoons per day. You can simply mix it in your coffee, tea, or into your favorite smoothie.

You might have to adapt to the taste, because it’s similar to “eating dirt” to be frank. But after few tries you’ll start enjoying it. And its effects are extremely beneficial to treat your erectile dysfunction without medication.

The true ED elixir – Good night sleep and reduced stress

Good sleep and less stress - Cure erectile dysfunction

Having a quality good night sleep and lowering your stress level is essential when trying to fix your ED problems.

Stress… You may have heard about just any medical issue that you can name, that stress could be the factor that had led to it. Well. This is because it is true. Stress is very dangerous for your health and it will start showing its signs in the long run. The symptoms will not rise to the surface at once, but it will usually take several years for your body to start showing signs of a stress induced illness.

One of such illnesses is also ED (erectile dysfunction). ED can be stress induced and even porn induced.

This is why it is essential you start decreasing the level of stress you are currently experiencing.

To be able to do that you should first ask yourself which things stress you the most, and make you nervous and full of anxiety. When you define those problematic triggers which are affecting you, you should also look for ways to eliminate stress from your life.

Some of the best things you can do to lower your stress are:

  • Getting a good night sleep and making sure your sleep is at least 6 hours long and a quality one too.
  • Start doing sports like yoga, meditation, jogging, etc.
  • Focusing your mind on good things only.
  • Accepting all bad things that you might experience, and trying to learn from them instead of crying over them (fails can be a gift).
  • Socializing with people who are positive and in whose company you feel good and relaxed.

I’d like to emphasize on the first bullet which talks about sleep. We rarely think of sleep as something “medicinal” and beneficial to our body. But you have no idea how important sleep is for body functions and for your overall health.

Sleep is one of the most essential activities that our body has to have (just like food and water, it has to have sleep), this is why sleep is truly one of the most valuable ED Elixir elements that one must follow in order to treat erectile dysfunction without medication.

Lifestyle – Treat erectile dysfunction without medication with change of lifestyle

lifestyle induced E.D. - erection problems

To treat erectile dysfunction without medication you must have an honest look at your current lifestyle. Anything unhealthy – from drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food, not exercising at all, etc… can be the cause, which is contributing to your problem with maintaining strong erections.

I personally know a guy who told me about his experience. He used to be overweight (since his was a teenager he loved fast food) and he never talked to me about his sexual problems, even though he was a good friend.

But then, at one point of his life, he draw the line and started living healthy:

  • No more junk food (his diet was mostly organic food, lots of vegetables, fruit, while he also ate meat – he didn’t go vegetarian).
  • No more alcohol (he admitted that he loved beer and drank like 1-3 beers at his normal day and much more at “party days”).
  • No more cigarettes (he had been smoking one pack of Marlboro’s per day).
  • And he began exercising (he stared cycling, running and walking mountain areas).
  • I know he also mentioned that he was doing some spiritual stuff, don’t remember what exactly… anyway he also tried to keep his mind clear and positive.

And boom! We are sitting one day, drinking the coffee in the morning at this beautiful beach, and I ask him a bit about his transformation. When he tells me: “You know, the best part of it all is, that I can have good sex now, and that I know that I can properly satisfy my wife.”

We talked about an hour when he admitted, that he had big problems with keeping his erections. But now by merely changing his lifestyle he was able to treat erectile dysfunction without medication, and became the person he wanted to be.

By his own words, he sought solace in all the negative things prior to his decision to change. And one day he decided he will start seeking solace in healthy things. Each one of the unhealthy things, he replaced with the healthy one. Cigarettes with running, beer with cycling, bad food with good food, etc. This is how he managed to treat erectile dysfunction without medication.

He said: “I thought it would be harder, but when you are finished eating a pizza you feel tired… and when you are finished eating a healthy meal you feel energized. It wasn’t hard at all when I started feeling better.”

Therefore, it is an essential E.D. Elixir recommendation that if you are experiencing erection issues, you should analyze your current lifestyle and ask yourself “how healthy is it?” and if there’s anything you can do to make it healthier.

E.D. Elixir: Possible cause of your ED could be your current medication

ED - erectile dysfunction because of medication and pills

Are you on anything at this moment of your life? Medication or pills for any other issues you might have? Increased blood pressure perhaps?

Well, there are side effects to whatever you are taking, and one of the side effects could be erectile dysfunction itself. We recommend you take a visit to the doctors and be frank with him. Tell him about your erection problems and ask him if any of your current medication may have side effects contributing to your problem.

To treat erectile dysfunction without medication, you shouldn’t only be focused on medication related to treating ED, but also any other “non-related” meds.

Here are some possible “suspects”:

  • High blood pressure meds (e.g.: Chlorthalidone, Hydrochlorothiazide, Phenoxybenzamine);
  • Antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds (e.g. Desipramine, Lorazepam, Fluoxetine);
  • Anti-inflammatory meds (e.g. Naproxen, Indomethacin);
  • Muscle relaxant meds (e.g. Cyclobenzaprine, Orphenadrine);
  • and the list contiues…

According to ED Elixir, you should carefully check all medication you may currently be taking. You should know that all pharmaceutical products treat something, but also have side effects on something else. Basically meds can screw up body functions. And you should figure out if any of the meds you’re taking can be replaced by something natural.

For you to treat erectile dysfunction without medication you have a deeper look into natural stuff around you. Replacing all pharmaceuticals and synthetic ingredients with organic stuff originating from the nature, might be a wise thing to do. However, you should always consult your doctor prior to eliminating any of your medication.

ED Elixir does enable you to treat erectile dysfunction without medication. In order to be able to do this, you have to learn side effects of your current meds. And in long-term you should try to eliminate pharmaceuticals from your life.

ED Elixir and how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally – The bottom line


We went over six essential steps you can take immediately to treat erectile dysfunction without medication. We have gathered and described 6 natural methods for increasing your chances to fixing your E.D. problem.

If we recap, the 6 natural methods for treating erectile dysfunction, are:

  1. Massaging your penis with natural and healthy personal lubricants (lube);
  2. Regularly doing Kegel exercises;
  3. Adding black maca root powder to your morning coffee, tea or smoothie;
  4. Working on reducing your stress level and making sure you’re getting a good sleep.
  5. Changing your lifestyle and transforming your life into a healthy one.
  6. Making sure other meds aren’t in-fact causing your ED.

It does not mean that there aren’t any other available natural solutions for treating E.D. It’s just that these were the most relevant ones to our knowledge and that these methods will surely guarantee your success.

We’ve heard a lot good stuff about acupuncture and L-arginine and Red ginseng, but we did not include those in this article.

However, if you think we should, leave us a comment and describe your experience.

We’d like to than you for reading our article titled ED Elixir – Treat erectile dysfunction without medication, where we researched the available natural methods on how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and in the process also interviewed people about their own experience.

E.D. is indeed a big problem and an important topic we should not neglect. And modern lifestyle, constant pressure and the tempo of everyday life, are in-fact negatively contributing to this issue.


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