Disadvantages of having sex everyday


Could it be that there are certain disadvantages of having sex everyday? Until this point I thought that sex is something healthy for a human being. Both from mental and physical perspective.

But is that really the case? Can it be that there’s a line when too much sex, could just as well become harmful? Well, that’s why we’re here – To dig in the available literature, to analyze personal experience, to interview other people, and to find concrete answers.

What are the disadvantages of having sex every day?

  • First: obviously, if you aren’t planning kids just yet, you might get one.
  • Second: your relationship may become boring, eventually.
  • Third: at least one of the partners may become tired and exhausted.
  • Fourth: pain and soreness may occur.
  • Fifth: there’s a higher risk of catching an UTI or an STD.
  • Sixth: you may run out of time for real romance.

Frankly, when comparing disadvantages of having sex everyday vs the advantages, the advantages win. There are lots of health benefits of having sex, including cancer prevention. Sex is great and yes, it is healthy. However, we should warn against possible outcomes of having too much sex. And this is the purpose of this article.

I have met all kinds of couples in my life. The ones that would be passionate about each other, and the ones who thought sex is a “teen thing” and that married couples have better things to do with their lives. Like taking care of children for example.

Regardless, my personal opinion remains that sex is important, and no matter what age you are, if you are without or having too much sex, both scenarios can be an issue.

Now let’s take a look at some (rare) disadvantages of having sex everyday!

Making your partner pregnant

Even if you are using protection, having sex every day increases chances of conceiving a baby. If you two aren’t planning on getting kids yet, you may just get one practicing everyday sex.

New studies also suggest that by having sex everyday, semen isn’t treated as an “invader” and gets easily accepted by the eggs. Thus, increasing fertility.

So think twice before going wild. One of the 7 disadvantages of having sex everyday can be on its way and come crying to this world in about 9 months.

Of course having a baby is a beautiful thing and is actually not a disadvantage. But are your ready for that? Do you have finance to support your newborn? Do you both want to have kids? Are you mature enough?

Having a baby is no game. It is a difficult and very responsible task. So, think it through before accidental conception might happen.

Sex may become a boring chore

boring sex - disadvantages of having sex everyday

Trust me, I’ve been there. And there’s nothing worse than knowing that you’ll have sex tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after.

There’s no suspense. There’s no passion. And this isn’t good not healthy. Having sex should be an exiting moment and disadvantages of having sex everyday make it just the opposite.

Some couples can make it work. Some couples do have sex everyday and never get bored with it. But this is rare. If you ask me, I think once or twice per week is somewhat the best.

I believe that having sex everyday might end up in at least one of the partners eventually viewing it as a chore. And when you come to that point, sex becomes meaningless. There’s no more satisfaction from having sex, like there used to be.

Depression and exhaustion due to too much sex

Well, this one is actually quite serious. Imagine, you are driving home from work, exhausted, because this very night you couldn’t catch a sleep. And you know what task awaits – he / she is waiting for you to have sex.

It might be better to stop your car and go for a few beers or martinis (or whatever works for you) and spend a day drowning yourself in buzz, instead of going home repeating the “everyday process”.

You know that if you get home, and tell your partner that you are too tired, this will merely provoke them and cause a conflict. So, why go home at all?

People tend to get depressed if a necessary task awaits them at home every day. It is routine, and routine is a mood killer. Dare we say, cause of depression?

Soreness and pain because of sex

pain and soreness due to too much sex

Needless to say, penetrating female vagina daily can result in pain. Also, male partner can end up feeling sore and experience certain discomforts.

Skin lacerations in the vaginal area are common when having too much sex. To avoid these you should let your vagina rest a couple of days before attending to any additional sexual activities.

Chaffing (irritations due to repeated friction) is also common when there’s too much skin to skin contact. You may think about using personal lubricants to reduce friction.

When you go for a lube, make sure that it’s ingredient-friendly lube, otherwise you may end up catching an infection, or experience additional irritations due to the lube itself.

It is recommended to avoid all lubes that contain parabens, formaldehyde, glycerin, and petroleum. One of a good option can be going for fresh homemade aloe vera lube, which carries numerous benefits for your skin and vaginal flora.

Higher chance of catching and UTI and STD

One of the disadvantages of having sex everyday is an increased possibility of catching and UTI or an STD. Especially if you are having sex with more than one person.

Types of UTIs (urinary tract infection) are:

  • kidney infection;
  • bladder infection;
  • and urethra infection.

While, the most common STDs (sexually transmitted infections) are:

  • genital herpes;
  • chlamydia;
  • HPV (human papillomavirus);
  • gonorrhea;
  • HIV (human immunodeficiency virus);
  • trichomoniasis.

To make yourself less exposed, you should practice safe sex, wearing a condom. Also chances of catching something drastically increase if you are having anal sex.

Care about hygiene – proper hygiene is essential and lots of times an STD is a consequence of poor hygiene.

No real romance

sex every day - no more romance

I remember when a girlfriend of mine told me, how she demands from her man to be courted and seduced, if he’d like to have sex at the end of the day.

She commented: “When I come home, and if he didn’t do any dishes, if he didn’t cook anything, he can’t seriously expect to have sex that night, right?”

And must I say, I agree with her.

Romance and everything that happens prior to sexual act, has a very big importance. It might even be more important than the sexual act itself. When there’s no romance, no love, when sex is just sex, the relationship will suffer.

By surprising your SO (significant other) by doing something good for him / her, before they get home, you’ll make them see that you care.

Bringing flowers, preparing a special dinner with candles, is something we tend to forget in modern days. Romance is important. A couple should be romantic. And by having sex everyday, it is possible to run out of time for real romance.

Our 6 disadvantages of having sex everyday & Conclusions

This article shows possible negative outcomes of having too much sex. Even though there are numerous benefits of having regular sex, perhaps doing it every single day might really be exaggerating.

Fear not, because it is probably still a lot healthier, to have too much sex, than not enough.

Sex has tons of health benefits of which we will talk in a separate article.

But as with all things in life, don’t take it too far. And if you experience any mental or physical problems you should be honest with you SO, and tell them about it. If they love you, they will understand.

Thanks for reading!


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