How CBD Oil can Dramatically Improve your Sex Life.


How CBD Oil can dramatically improve your sex life.

Experts believe that the sexual drive of an individual can be affected by factors other than desire like pain during and after intercourse that can last for hours, stress, hormonal imbalance, reduced blood flow to the genitalia, and performance anxiety. These issues manifest in the body and others outside it.

CBD is one of the numerous chemicals found in the cannabis plant. For years, just like cannabis, CBD has been illegal in most states. However, things changed when the Farm Bill passed in 2018. CBD is not psychoactive like some of its counterparts, like THC.

CBD oils affect sexual experiences by tapping into the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system spans across the brain, the nervous system, and peripheral organs. Therefore, CBD works to improve your sex life, as will be discussed below.

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1)  CBD has pain-relieving properties.

Some people, especially women, have reported cases of painful sex either during penetration only or during thrusting. This condition may be due to several reasons, both physical and emotional. The blanket term is Dyspareunia. This condition has kept a lot of people from intimacy and sex altogether. However, there is hope. You can get quality third-party tested and certified CBD products from reputable brands such as cbdMD.

Dyspareunia is usually aggravated by inflammation, reduced genital lubrication, and muscle tension. Thus, remedies that solve these problems can be helpful to treat Dyspareunia. CBD is a pain reliever that can soothe that throbbing pain down there.

By increasing blood flow in the genitalia, relaxing tense muscles, and reducing sexual tissue inflammation, CBD can enhance an individual’s sensation and libido. If CBD oil is used to enhance a sexual experience, follow all instructions for best results. In 2019, a survey by Remedy Review revealed that 98% of those surveyed said that CBD helped relieve pain during and after intercourse.

2)  CBD can help achieve orgasm.

A 2019 study revealed that CBD laced lubes during sex helped achieve orgasm and sustain it for longer. In addition, as already pointed out earlier, CBD helps with blood supply to the genitalia and enhances nerve sensation. These two effects combine to give people that big O that always seems to be out of reach.

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The increase in blood flow to sexual organs, especially in women, has increased arousal and the orgasm’s intensity. This increase occurs due to women having more absorbent sexual tissue than men, so CBD-laced lubes work better for women.

3)  CBD has anxiolytic properties.

Stress and performance anxiety leads to the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Research has revealed that this hormone can lower your libido and the overall desire for intimacy. Thus, anxiety and stress, both general and specific to sexual performance, can limit a person’s sexual arousal. There is, however, a CBD-based solution to this.

CBD can create a feeling of calm and relaxation by triggering the release of serotonin into the blood. Once this happens, the body releases hormones like anandamide which facilitate pleasure. To eliminate stress and anxiety, people can use CBD oils for their anxiolytic capabilities to enjoy their sexual preferences more.

4)  CBD helps with hormonal balance.

The earlier mentioned endocannabinoid system works, in general, to achieve and maintain balance and harmony within the internal environment of a human body. CBD uses various methods to help maintain hormonal balance.

First, ideally, CBD oils to manage stress and anxiety cause hormones to balance and check each other out once the individual is relaxed. In this sense, CBD is linked to our reproductive system by affecting the body’s internal environment.

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Secondly, CBD can help alleviate some signs of hormonal imbalance like insomnia, pain, and anxiety. By doing so, the imbalance can be checked and corrected by the body in time. In this sense, CBD acts through the ECS to maintain homeostasis.

5)  CBD enhances emotional intimacy.

CBD oils increase the body’s neurotransmitters and natural endorphins that our bodies make on our own. Particularly, CBDs affect the hormone anandamide, which is closely associated with oxytocin. This biochemical is also referred to as the cuddle hormone and is closely associated with social contact.

However, it is vital to note that even though CBDs affect how we feel and our mood, they are not psychoactive chemicals. They are only able to produce these effects by influencing the concentration of hormones like anandamide. This way, CBD oil can ultimately lead to better sexual experiences.

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6)  CBD and Erectile Dysfunction.

Affecting men, erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as impotence, is the incapacity to achieve and/or sustain an erection during sexual contact. It is projected that this condition affects approximately 30 million men in the United States.

The subject of erectile dysfunction is widely researched, with the evidence pointing out that ED can lead to serious mental health issues for affected persons.

While research into using cannabis to help with ED remains young, some experts believe that Cannabis sativa as a whole can improve the ejaculatory function of a man’s reproductive organ and their sexual performance as well.

7)  CBD and Endometriosis.

This is a condition that comes about when tissue that usually lines the walls of the uterus begins to grow outside it. This condition affects more than 1.5 million women in the United Kingdom and over 176 million people globally. The signs of this condition can adversely affect the life of a woman and her partner in case they are married.

Although this topic is not vastly researched, preliminary evidence from available data points to the fact that CBD may be useful to ease pain caused by Endometriosis. In further support of this premise, some women have reported that CBD oils helped manage the symptoms of Endometriosis.


Many folks miss out on the pleasures of sex due to several diverse reasons. Some due to pain from serious conditions like Endometriosis and others from factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress and anxiety, and even impotence. Above are some of the ways CBD oils can help dramatically improve your sex life.


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