“Can You Get AIDS From?” – Answering 10 Hilarious HIV Questions


This is a humor/educational article by LubeForSex.com, where we answer 10 of those “Can You Get AIDS From?” questions found on various pages of the internet.


AIDS or HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and is one of the worse deadly STD’s (sexually transmitted disease). Some of these questions are of more serious nature (e.g. did you know there is a chance of getting an HIV infection from mosquito bites?), while others are 100% hilarious.

Reading some of these questions, one must convince himself these are troll posts trying to be funny. God forbid our world is filled with people of such level of intelligence. But let me assure you, these questions are not troll questions – people asking these stuff about HIV are as serious as it gets.

It seems for some of them, evolution is just a thing that happened to the other people.


So let’s take a look at 10 “Can You Get AIDS From?” questions people are asking in hope of finding the answer over the internet.


Can you get AIDS from a cow that has been violated by a man?

[Source of question: poz.com]

Can You Get AIDS From Having Sex With COW

Why? My question is why on earth would anyone ask something like this? I just can’t process this in my head… “Can you get AIDS from a cow that has been violated by a man?” – WHAT???

So basically, someone is wondering in case if a cow has had sex with a man, and then another man would want to have a romantic relationship with that same cow, is there a chance he can get AIDS from doing that?

Before doing research on this topic, I thought I am going to find some funny questions, only to realize some people are just plain SICK. What on earth must be going on in someone’s thick head, to ask such a question?

To keep my answer short: “No.” You can’t get AIDS from having sex with a cow. Remember in HIV the “H” stands for “human”. But you CAN get arrested! Bestiality is prohibited by law in most parts of the world and can lead to the arrest of the person practicing it.


Can you get AIDS (HIV) from a swimming pool?

[Source of question: quora.com]

Can You Get AIDS From Swimming Pool - HIV

While the vise person asking this specific “can you get AIDS from” question didn’t specify if the mean AIDS-giving pool is filled with water or empty, we are still going to try to give our expert opinion on this topic.

The question being asked due to Florida personnel emptying and cleaning swimming pools if they suspected that an HIV infected person was swimming in it.

Keep calm, you most certainly cannot get AIDS / HIV if infected person was swimming in the same swimming pool as you were. And yes, even if you accidentally drank some water from that swimming pool – you still won’t get AIDS from a swimming pool.

But, you may get AIDS “from a swimming pool” if you had sex with HIV infected person whilst being in that particular swimming pool. Wow… all the new things we learn every day.


Can you get AIDS from playing with girl’s boobs if she’s lactating?

[Source of question: reddit.com]

Scientific article provided by US National Library of Medicine says [source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]: “Breast-feeding substantially increases the risk of HIV-1 transmission from mother to child; the rate of breast-feeding transmission is estimated to be at least 16% and prolonged breast-feeding nearly doubles the overall infant HIV-1 infection rate.”


So technically there is a chance. Especially from systematic breastfeeding which occurs between the mother and the child. But there is almost zero chance if the event of “playing with a girl’s boobs”, as our friend defined his question, happened once or a couple of times.

I believe that the person asking this questing isn’t infant but in fact a grown man. He probably just found out that his cheap call-girl had a very good reason to her inexpensive hourly service cost.


Can you get AIDS from being by someone with AIDS?

[Source of question: youtube.com]

YouTuber asks this question, because apparently his HIV infected uncle was visiting his family. And after the AIDS infected uncle left, this boys mom and dad went full panic mode, cleaning the house spotless with chemicals and stuff. The key reason being to not get infected.

Can You Get AIDS From Being By A Person Infected With HIV

Well, we are sorry kido, but it seems it’s too late for your parents. They seem to be already infected – by stupidity.


Can HIV be transmitted by sharing a cigarette? Could I get AIDS?

[Source of question: smartsexresource.com]


Sorry to disappoint you, but no, you can’t.

HIV is transmitted only by blood. So you can not get AIDS infection through saliva.


Even if the AIDS infected person left some blood on a cigarette and you had cuts on your own lip?

Well, in that case there is a small chance that you contract the HIV. The virus can’t live for a long time outside your body. So if the blood on a cigarette filter had already hardened, there is zero chance you catch AIDS. But if the blood from an infected person is still fresh, and if you have a fresh bleeding cut of your own, then there is a chance of an HIV transmission.


Can you get AIDS from a mosquito bite?

[Source of question: goaskalice.columbia.edu]

The logic behind this question, is HIV transmission through the use of needles. We know for a fact that one of most common ways to contract HIV is sharing a used needle. That’s why drug addicts are at highest exposure, with the greatest chance for catching AIDS infection.


Therefore, if a needle can be an HIV transmitter, can also bloodsucking insects give you AIDS?

There are numerous researches and scientific data available on this topic. Judging by most of the resources, mosquitoes can’t infect you with an HIV virus.

However the Princeton research gives a theoretical possibility that in-fact you CAN get infected by a mosquito bite. But there is a minimal chance since so many conditions should be fulfilled for transmission process to be successful. AIDS virus does not multiply in insects – If transmission of HIV infection by bloodsucking insects is occurring, it would have to be through mechanical transmission during interrupted feeding.


To recap, some of the key criteria that should be met in order to get AIDS from a mosquito, are:

  • How frequently does interrupted feeding occurs;
  • The probability that the insect had bitten an HIV-infected person prior to biting an uninfected person;
  • The probability that the insect bite contained enough HIV to transmit infection.

For the mechanical HIV transition to occur, mosquito should first bite the person infected with AIDS and very soon after bite a healthy person. The distance between the infected and uninfected person should be minimal – just a couple of meters max. So basically these two persons should be for example in the same room.

One should also note that many HIV infected subjects do not have a detectable level of HIV in their blood (3 quarters of all HIV infected persons). Another reason which makes it “almost” impossible to get AIDS from mosquito bite.


Can you get HIV from getting a Tattoo?

[Source of question: webmd.com]

AIDS TATTOO - HIV-risks-of-getting-Tattoo

Can You get AIDS from tattoo? The answer is “yes”. You can get AIDS from getting inked.

There are many cases of people getting a tattoo and contracting the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). One of such cases originates from New Zealand, where a woman by the name of Lyn Parent contracted AIDS after getting herself inked. She says that getting a tattoo was an impulse decision that costed her dearly.

Lyn says: “I remember noticing that a guy before me has had a tattoo and that the artist didn’t change the needles. But I didn’t think anything of it at the time. We didn’t in those days, I wasn’t worried.”

8 weeks passed and she got very sick, sleeping 22 hours per day without any energy whatsoever. She knew she had to go to the doctor, which she eventually did. And after 10 days of examining her, they informed her she had HIV – the cause being a tattoo needle.


There is a great article about the risks of HIV infection from tattooing and piercing. Read it before deciding on getting inked yourself.


You should also be aware of other risks (besides an HIV infection) you are exposing yourself to when getting a tattoo.

Risks of getting a tattoo – Facts:

  • 22% of tattoo inks on the market contain hazardous chemicals and cancerogenic ingredients;
  • Black ink can be especially dangerous because it contains a very high level of benzo(a)pyren;
  • No regulation – the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t need to approve tattoo inks before they go on the market. So basically artists are free to put whatever they want into your body.

So, think twice before getting a tattoo. We highly recommend reading scientific material included (linked) in this article before deciding on your actions.


Can toilet seat give you HIV (getting AIDS from toilet seat)?

[Source of question: helpline.aidsvancouver.org]


So, can you get AIDS from sitting on a toilet seat? o_O

I enjoy the fact we are back to more funny questions, the ones about mosquito and the tattooing made this topic way to serious as we originally intended it to be! But no harm done. Let’s now clarify the HIV toilet seat.

Well to answer this question, we are going to use (as a reference) a picture to the right. It’s from famous drama comedy series Dr. House. You can watch the House clip here.

A woman cheated on her husband and is trying to find excuses for her pregnancy. Asking Dr. House if there is a possibility she could get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat. She is suggesting that the male person might had left some traces of semen on it, which is a cause of her pregnancy.

The same answer House gave to her about her pregnancy, applies to our case.

To get AIDS from a toilet seat, there should be a guy siting between you and a toilet seat.


With this very relevant question being answered, we move on to our final 2 questions!

The grand finale – the 9th and 10th question of “can you get AIDS from” article, being answered by lubeforsex.com expert writers.


Can I get HIV / AIDS from nail salon?

[Source of question: thaivisa.com]


Well this “can you get AIDS from” question is quite a funny one at the first sight.


A woman saying she’s getting her nails done somewhere where they don’t clean their tools properly. She is for that reason concerned about getting AIDS – I don’t really understand the logic behind it, but let’s go along with the topic.

She asked this question on a public forum and when I first saw the top answer by a user BritManToo I almost died from laughter. To her worries he/she replies:

If I were you, I would worry more about my mental health.

LoL :)


But! To our surprise, while researching the topic and the probability of getting AIDS infection from the nail salon services, we found the next article on 14 Health Risks You Face At The Nail Salon by thetalko.com. To our big surprise, on the 4th place there is HIV.

However, this is extremely rare. Cases of getting HIV from a manicure are extremely rare. The case where this actually happened, involved decent amount of blood in the procedure and overall exaggeration of nail treatment without any focus on cleaning the tools.


Can I get HIV by kissing?

[Source of question: i-base.info]


Ah, the classical early-teen question to finish with. So is it possible to catch HIV from deep kissing (also known as French kissing). OP (original poster) also adds to the question, what if there is biting involved during the kissing. And what if one or both have gum disease?

The answer provided by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is quite clear: “We do not have data on the proportion of people who have been infected through French kissing alone, but we stress that this is likely to be none.” Nhs.uk confirms this. There is no chance of getting AIDS by kissing. HIV is only transmittable by blood. And even if you were kissing with AIDS infected person, you don’t have to be scared of getting AIDS.

With this final 10th question on can you get AIDS from we got to the end of our HIV related Article. We hope you enjoyed the read. If you had a laugh or learned something new, our mission was successful.


On a serious note, we would like to advise carefulness – especially when you don’t know the person you are involved with. We are not fans of using condoms, but when having sex with a random person, we do recommend (yes, even we at lubeforsex.com) that you use protection. A single mistake, can lead to STD (sexually transmitted disease). Let it be HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Syphilis, or any other STD – you should always be careful.

We hope this article brought to you some additional education on this matter. We recommend you to read our other articles also – we cover wide area of sex-related topic, so besides education you should have some fun in the process of your stay ;) Navigate to our main page, and see what’s trending.


PS: We are writing new content daily and new articles are posted weekly, so come back to see what’s new. Thank you all and have a nice day. Truly yours, lubeforsex.com creators.


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