How do I calm my angry girlfriend down? 7 effective solutions


Well, though luck buddy. You’ve managed to piss off your wife / girlfriend and now when the damage is done you want to fix that?

Let me calm you by telling you that all is not lost. Most females tend to change their mood if you do a couple of things “right” in the next few hours, maybe days. It depends a lot on why she’s mad with you.

I mean if you cheated on her, then you actually deserve to be kicked out and left on the cold. But if she’s just mad over you for some less serious or semi-serious stuff, then our tips will surely get her back into proper mood.

So, if you came here looking for the answers on how to calm down your pissed of girlfriend (or wife), you came to the right place. We have here prepared 7 effective tips for men, who recently behaved badly and are now trying to patch things up. Naughty, naughty boy.

Remember this can work once, maybe twice, but if you keep screwing things up, all these effective solutions may with time become “ineffective”. Use these tips, but keep in mind that in future you should better behave and keep good manners. Women deserve love and respect and if you treat her this way, she’ll stay.

“How do I calm my angry girlfriend down?” – Here are 7 effective solutions we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Start by understanding yourself why she’s mad with you.
  2. Send her a text in which you apologize for your actions.
  3. Get her flowers – Don’t buy them, better pick them yourself.
  4. Tell her how beautiful she is and that you love her.
  5. Listen to her, try finding out what changes she wants.
  6. Do some work instead of her (e.g. household chores).
  7. Cook – Make a dinner for you two (even if you’re the worst cook).

Now, I believe it would be the right thing to do, if we go and discuss these tips (just briefly). Because there are certain details man tend to screw up, even when everything is going fine.

If you are wondering about who am I, and whether is it a man or a woman typing down these so-called solutions for calming down your girlfriend, I should tell you that I’m a woman. (Hi, my name is Natalia).

And I just know they work. At least with me they do :)

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1. Why is your girlfriend mad and how to react

guy wonderig why his wife is angry

It is quite essential that you first build awareness around what triggers her off.

They do say, that trying to figure out a woman is quite impossible, however there are some generally known things that man do, that can make your girlfriend angry. If you’d like, you can see here 20 things man do that make women angry.

So, regardless whether it is that you have forgotten about her birthday, or didn’t bring her any present for valentines day, or perhaps you’ve been married for 10 years, and you decided to spend the day drinking with your buddies instead spending a romantic evening with her … you should first be aware of what you have done to make your girlfriend angry.

Without knowing what exactly is she angry over, will make it hard for you calming her down.

2. Send her an apologetic and loving text message

send an apologetic text to your girlfriend

First things first – what women don’t like, is a) to many messages, and b) no message at all (ignoring).

Therefore, if she’s angry with you, it is not wise to completely ignore the situation waiting time will heal wounds, while it is also strongly not recommended that you start bombing her with hundreds of texts.

What a decent guy would do, is simply admit his mistake, maybe also tell her what she may have done to trigger you in the first place, and simply apologize. Letting her know that you are apologetic about your actions, will make it better. She might still be angry for some time, but trust me she’ll appreciate you’re text.

Tell her you’re sorry and that you love her. Perhaps bring up a memory that means something to both of you. Something that will melt her heart. Let her know that solving problems is also a part of relationship, but that from now on you’ll be a better man and care that there are less

3. Pick some flowers for her (don’t buy them)

get flowers to calm down angry wife

We all know women love flowers. It shows that our significant other has been thinking about us, and that he invested his time/money into trying to make us happy.

But let me tell you something – Buying roses and bringing them home may seem like a nice deed, however stopping your car and going in the meadow to hand pick some beautiful flowers yourself is the ultimate way of doing it – it shows that you really care.

I still remember how I was angry over my husband, when one day he came home drunk as hell, instead of helping me make a birthday cake for tomorrow. Next day in the morning he would take kids for a walk, and they were gone for more than 2 hours. They returned with the most beautiful bouquet that he and the kids managed to hand pick on the meadow located about 1 kilometer (c.a. 0.62 miles) from our home.

I still remained angry for the next few hours before speaking to him, but that deed really meant so much to me.

4. Tell her she’s beautiful and that you love her

tell her how beautiful she is to calm her down

When was the last time you’ve gave your girlfriend a compliment? When was the last time you kissed her and told her with all your honest that you love her?

The question “how do I calm my angry girlfriend down”, can quite easily be answered with “tell her you love her”. You may take it for granted, thinking that she must realize that already, but every person, regardless how beautiful they are, sometimes need a compliment or two.

Do not be “general”, don’t just say she’s beautiful and that you love her. Be specific and tell her why that is. Tell her a story about how you met and what you first noticed about her. Was it her eyes? Was it something else? Try making an honest speech about how you fell in love with her, and why do you still love her.

5. Listen to her, ask her what changes she wants

let your mad girlfriend know you will change

Your fights might be due to some routines that have been integrated in your life. Whether is it you doing something that irritates her, or that your professional life has began affecting the family, or something else.

And the fact that many people, including men, tend to speak too much also exists and won’t do you any good in this kind of situations where you’re trying to calm your angry girlfriend down.

How do I calm my angry girlfriend down? – Listen to her, do not interrupt and hear what she has to say. Even if she’s saying something that might sound silly or outrageous. She may even say that she feel that your current job is having it’s toll on the family and that you should try finding something more steady. Don’t be against her change proposals. Let her know that you will together find a solution.

And in case you have a problem with yourself, like drinking or smoking or drugs or anything, and that she’d like you to quit those, you have to start making first steps towards change. These changes of quitting bad habits, are not only essential for the health of your relationship, but vital for your own-good.

6. Do some household chores instead of her

how do I calm my angry girlfriend down

There’s nothing sexier than a man doing household chores. And keep in mind that if you relieve your girlfriend of some work, she will appreciate that a lot. She might not tell you directly, but keep in mind that she appreciates it. And well, all you care is that she calms down, and that she’s no longer angry with you. This should do the trick!

Go vacuum-cleaning, go dish-washing, tidy things up a bit … do whatever it is that will make your house neater. However, try focusing on things that she usually does. Because this is how you take some workload off her chest. And when she’ll notice, tell her that she must be a superwoman managing to complete all the household chores.

And by the way, don’t make this a one-time thing. You know, men should help around household chores. This isn’t the dark ages. In modern days, usually both men and women work jobs, so both should also care about chores. Doing things together will bond you and strengthen your relationship.

7. Cook for her (even if you can’t cook!)

cook a dinner to calm down your angry GF

I remember my ex tried to cook once for me. It was pretty horrible actually, lol. I remember that, because my current husband can actually cook pretty well, since we initially met. But this one-time experience with my ex was the one that made me laugh and I was truly inspired that he actually tried doing something, he knew he was unable to do successfully, just to make me happy.

He tried making pasta, which he completely overcooked, and the dressing tasted horribly. Regarding presentation, it was one of the worst looking dishes ever. Not even a child would eat that. But I remember I walked into the room, found him jumping all around the kitchen for the first time, and it was hilarious scene overall.

We tried eating that, however we both agreed (after 2 minutes of pretending that it’s not that bad) that we should order some chinese. Which we did.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is that women are not men. We don’t focus on results that much, we mostly care about the method and the effort invested. So, the answer to “how do I calm my angry girlfriend down” is basically the effort. How much effort are you willing to invest?

Seven effective solutions to calm my angry girlfriend down

What we can conclude from these? Women can get upset over things that men find hard to understand. But instead fighting, a nice gesture can restore peace and love.

Wondering what’s the best way to calm your girlfriend, we hope that you found some inspiring ideas from our list of 7 solutions. Trust me, every one of these is worth trying occasionally, even when she’s not mad over you.

Sometimes (but rarely) it can also happen that her anger may be unjustified. Like when a guy has many female friends, she may become jealous. Always try solving problems with honest communication. In this case if you are able to gain her trust, she should come at peace with it. However, if you screw it up once (it can merely be a flirty looking sms between you and one of your female friends), you may lose that trust completely.

Communicate, trust each other, love one another, and occasionally find time for some good deeds. And never forget the importance of intimacy. Sex has healing powers, and every couple needs it.

Thank you for reading how do I calm my angry girlfriend down, an article where I tried summing-up 7 tips for men, who had managed to make their girlfriend upset.


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