8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women: The Tao Of Badass


Hi there. Here’s another unique piece about seduction process and how to win women. It is a unique approach developed by The Tao Of Badass in which we will present 8 body language tricks to attract women.

With this knowledge you will learn how to establish connection with women before even exchanging a single word with her. Many man think that women fall for the looks, muscles, money etc. While the truth is, most women hate douchebags pumped up with muscles in their shiny cars who think that everything in this world is about them.

In The Tao Of Badass : 8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women we will explain which approach really works with women. You will learn simple tricks from this article that you’ll be able to use in your real life seduction process.

You will learn:

  • What women seek in men;
  • What triggers women (in a positive way);
  • What are the key factors when women are selecting the appropriate man;
  • Which seduction moves you can use to win her;
  • And body language tricks that will create immediate attraction between you two, before even speaking.

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The Tao Of Badass - 8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women

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And here we go, lets check which tricks and tips you can use to practically get it off with any woman. How to become successful in your dating? How can you get her from the date to the doors of your house? Which are the crucial body language tricks to attract women? Let’s find out!

1 | Confident posture

The first body language trick that attracts women is highly related to your posture.

She may notice you even before you notice her. And at that time three things might happen:

  1. She might not even notice you because your stance is commonly average, or god forbid even pathetic.
  2. She might think, wow this guy looks like he had just finished having sex with the hottest girl, while also receiving a paycheck – full of energy, calm, confident and satisfied.
  3. If you take it too far and appear over confident, she may look at you as a douchebag – as a guy with huge ego and narcissistic personality that appears revolting even by the mere sight.

So, guess three times which posture is the best? – The 2nd one, of course.

And to master this posture, there are skills needed, which you will not gain by repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You have to control your body and your posture. You need to have that confident face with a satisfied look to it. You have to look and walk like a winner!

Do you know what’s great? All of these 8 body language tricks to attract women, have nothing to do with how you currently look. You can be overweight or skinny, you can be short or tall, bald or long hair… These body language secrets for seducing women simply work.

Confident posture is the 1st of the 8 body language tricks to attract women

Remember, body posture does not end when you stop walking. Body stance matters always – When sitting down, when eating, when doing anything at all. Always keep in mind the posture.

The best advice on how to achieve such posture is, that you always have to be proud of yourself and feel good about yourself, while also remaining humble as a true gentleman.

2 | Smile when eye contact is made

So, she notices you and you notice her. Most people in this situation get a feeling of embarrassment and quickly turn their head the other way. While the best thing you can do is give her a nice and shinny smile.

Smile - seducing women with a smile

By giving her a smile you are basically non-verbally saying: “Hey, I like what I see.” – You are complementing her before even speaking to her. Isn’t that fascinating?

Just think about it, how do you feel when it’s the other way around?

  • Do you feel better when she smiles at you seductively?
  • Or do you feel better if she simply turns hear head after that eye contact?

This body language trick requires like zero skills, and yet most people fail to do it. It is one of the most powerful body language tricks to attract women and you can really step up your game with practicing it. Remember – the smile!

3 | Making the 1st step

So far she noticed you, and you gave her a nice charming smile. What now? Basically you have 2 options at this point. You can either play hard to get and go somewhere near but not at her.

Or you can make the 1st step and approach her.

Almost all the time, making the 1st step and approaching her works better. And it’s not because of you, it’s because women are usually to shy or just won’t bother making the approach.

However, playing hard to get might also work, but statistically there’s less chance that you’ll end up having a conversation with her. The moment will come, when she’ll stand up and go her way. And with that, all your “hard to get” act was for nothing.

The Tao Of Badass - how to approach women

You need to learn how to make the 1st approach. You need to master the execution. But few simple “the tao of badass” rules are applicable:

Do not be nervous. She’s just as nervous as you, when she’ll see you coming. You have nothing to lose, so just be relaxed and confident.

Do not ask stupid questions. Like: “Do you have a lighter?”, or “I am lost can you tell me where xyz is?” – Instead be frank, introduce yourself and ask her if she minds going for a drink with you.

Tell her she is pretty straight away. Do not hide your sexual intentions. You’ll become the Tao Of Badass only by being honest and confident. Saying something in the lines: “You look gorgeous, and I’d love to know more about you.” is a compliment, that is usually very well accepted by women.

Ask questions instead talking. Asking is so much more valuable than talking. Ask, ask, ask! And develop the conversation within what you feel interests her. Listen and share your thoughts. Do not interrupt her.

The Tao Of Badass will become the reality when your approach is confident, well executed and charming. Good approach can be thought in no time, and this is the 3rd on our list about body language tricks to attract women.

4 | Give her compliments

Put her in the spotlight, never yourself. If she’ll want to talk about you, she will ask, don’t worry. But the priority here is that most of the conversation develops around her activities and herself.

While she is speaking to you about this and that, compliment her. And we do not mean that you should keep repeating how good-looking she is, and that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, etc. That’s just lame and actually it’s repulsive.

You should compliment her looks only twice – 1st at the beginning right after the introduction, and 2nd when the time is right – you need to develop a feel for this thing. However, according to the tao of badass, your body language here plays crucial role. The trick is that when you compliment on her looks, to also get closer to her. Move closer first and then say something nice.

Complimenting Her - Body Language Tricks To Attract Women

Instead of complimenting her looks, compliment other stuff like her interests. For example, if she’s going to tell you, that she enjoys skiing in winter, ask her about which skis she’s using. Or something… whatever…

Just developing the conversation into a direction of the topic that she enjoys can be a big compliment. Also share your experience with skiing, try thinking about something funny or interesting that happened to you while being on the skis.

She will adore you for being attentive.

5 | Be mysterious

This is powerful and hard to master in a genuine way. The 5th of the 8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women based on the art of The Tao Of Badass is the capability of being mysterious. Women cannot resist mystery and it makes them fall for men.

Before even practicing this rule, I knew guys that looked like nothing what a picture of a handsome, nicely built, charming man is. And then one day I am sitting at the dinner and two women speak at the other table. Back then, most probably they didn’t even notice me.

And I unintentionally hear the conversation and it went something like this: “God I think I’m falling for (name of the guy). Don’t know what is it about him, but he is just so god-damn mysterious!”

Being mysterious - 8 Fantastic Body Language Tricks To Attract Women

Women like challenges, and mystery is a challenge. It is something to solve, something to find the key to. And they want to be the one’s to unlock that mystery.

Why do you think women fall for the “bad boys”? In most times, because it presents them a challenge. They want to be the one’s that will “fix” that bad boy and make him a true gentleman.

Give her a challenge, do not tell her everything. Keep secrets and be mysterious. Make her want to dig deep inside you. To crave for the information which you are withholding.

6 | Wear your dress proudly

It doesn’t matte what style you prefer to wear. What matters is how you wear it. And the Tao Of Badass strategy won’t work if you do not feel good in what you’re wearing.

You need to be comfortable with your clothes regardless what your style might be – you can wear rock style, elegant style, casual style, dorky style, … it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you wear it confidently and proudly.

The thing is, they will notice (the girls and women) that you are shinning with inner energy and confidence. And what can be more sexy than a confident mystery guy, giving you a smile when eye contact is made?

Proudly wearing your dress can make women very attracted to you

Proudly wearing your clothes can make women extremely attracted to you. However, you shouldn’t look like a chump who doesn’t know how to buy clothes for himself.

The 6th in the line of the Tao Of Badass dating tips about body language is the art of wearing the right clothes in the right way. Therefore, you should make sure that your handbook of body language tricks to attract women includes skills of selecting clothes that fit you and skills to wear these clothes like a champ.

So make sure you have a good fit. If you are proudly wearing clothes that are 3 times your size you’ll look like an idiot, rather than anything that any women would desire.

We said style is not important… but the size and the fit is essential if you wish to make good impression. Clothes cover like 80-90% of your body, so be sure to wear something that fits you well.

7 | Be smooth, relaxed and controlled

You know anyone who is hyperactive? How do hyperactive people behave?

  • They talk fast;
  • They tend to interrupt;
  • They jump from one topic to another;
  • Sometimes they lost track of they were saying;
  • Hanging out with them is energy consuming.

So these are the features that you shouldn’t possess. According to our 8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women (The Tao Of Badass) you have to be calm, in control and relaxed – It is quite hot to look at someone and realizing that they have their life and emotions sorted out.

For achieving such state of mind you may want to practice and enhance your spirituality. You need to empty your brain of all the problems and focus on positive things in life.

How to be smooth with women - dating tips for men (yoga might help)

There is a true mental transformation possible when you start to understand, that worrying about bad things and hard events in your life will not change anything. Taking actions to become better is the key, and you can do that without banging your head against the wall over previous events.

Women will most definitely test your level of insecurity by challenging you in one way or the other. At that time you should remain calm and confident. You have already won the challenge, if you do not instantly react to her provocations. Instead, wait few seconds, and reply to her in a smart, intelligent, and most of all, calm manner.

We are now getting to the last of our The Tao Of Badass seduction tricks. Below we present the last of the 8 body language tricks to attract women.

8 | Touch her, don’t be scared

When you two are hanging out for some time, you have to do this step sooner or later and watch her response.

Again the key here is the confidence and the eye contact. But doing something innocent like going through her hair and giving her a compliment that her hair feel like silk, will probably not trigger her to punch you in the face.

8 body language tricks for attracting women to fall for you

Most common problem is that guys are scared to do this step. They just sit there, all scared to make to move. And you know what? Women can feel that. They can sense that you are a coward that is just faking his “macho” act.

To be the true tao of badass, you need to take risks without being scared.

If she’s gonna let you touch her a couple of times, you can even try going for a kiss. You know what? It is very romantic that you ask first. When she’s talking about something simply say: “Sorry but I can’t focus on your words any longer. All I can think about are your lips. May I kiss you?”

She will probably be stunned and remain silent, but you should go for it. Try thinking about it as if you have nothing to lose. If she won’t be up for it, she will most definitely give you a sign or tell you to back off.

As I said, most of the time the problem with guys is fear to do the real move. While some other extremes try to do it too soon. Wait for the right moment.

With this last 8th dating tip for men we came to an end of our list of 8 body language tricks to attract women.

The Tao Of Badass final thoughts – How important are body language tricks to attract women?

Extremely important!

All dating tips you will ever come across mention the importance of body signs and the moves you make. And the Tao Of Badass can be an astonishing experience for anyone who wish to up their dating skills.

We would like to thank you for reading our dating tips article titled “8 Body Language Tricks To Attract Women” and we truly hope it shed some new light and gave you good ideas to try in your future attempts.

We recommend you try studying each of the 8 steps even further through your own research or simply use this comprehensive dating course for men.

Remember when dating you should always stay positive. You should be the guy who makes her feel better about herself. You should be the one who adds value to her. You should be someone that she enjoys talking to.

When on a date always avoid stuff like:

  • being scared to approach,
  • being insecure,
  • talking about yourself,
  • being over confident about yourself,
  • showing off (with muscles, money, material things, …),
  • interrupting her,
  • nagging about your problems,
  • swearing or using any vulgar language,
  • and many other things that I just can’t think of right now.

The best thing to do, is to work on your transformation to become a man without the above characteristics. You can fake it forever! So better go take some actions to become a better self.

Hope you enjoyed our Body Language Tricks To Attract Women article (The Tao Of Badass)! Yours truly, the lubeforsex.com team

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