What is the safest lubricant to use? | 18 lubes analyzed


This article should come in handy to every couple (or individual), who are interested in improving their sex life. We all know that consequences of picking the wrong lube can be quite severe. From irritations, to burning sensations, to catching nasty infections, which can’t heal for weeks.

Thus, we are going to analyze the safety of 18 popular lubricants. The purpose of this assessment is to give our readers an overview on the safety of ingredients being used in intimate lubricants, while also rating the performance of each of these lubes.

This is indeed an important topic, because sexual well-being is our primary concern, and we want to advise our readers on the health of personal lubricants. Choice of a lube will have big impact on your sex life. Therefore, it is wise to go for the safest lubricant.

You’d expect two things from a lube:

  • That it’s safe (doesn’t cause irritations, vaginal infections, other problems …)
  • That it performs well (doesn’t become sticky, doesn’t dry out, is edible, …)

We are here to check into 18 popular lubes in 2020, and help you decide which one is the best for you. Therefore, the question is: what is the safest lubricant to use?

Every lube has it’s own composition. It’s own chemical structure. Many chemicals have been under surveillance, and criticized as being harmful to humans. You can check the list of harmful lube ingredients in this related article.

You will find disturbing facts. Skincare products, moisturizers and lubricants, can be full of toxic chemicals. These chemicals may not even be sensed if your skin isn’t sensitive. But in the long run, there can be great damage – even cancer. Ever heard of “formaldehyde”? It’s included in many lubes and your favorite skin nourishing products. Used as preservative. While studies show that if used repeatedly, over longer time period, it may cause cancer.

What is the safest lubricant to use?

Hope this list will help you. We advise every couple who is trying to get pregnant to avoid lubricants that contain harmful ingredients. And if your skin is sensitive you should always use only the best and safest lube.

Below you will be able to read more about each of these lubes, and also see the methodology that was used to score them. We picked the lubes randomly, based on the 2020 popularity. With only one goal – to give you an honest answer to what is the safest lubricant to use?

With this in mind we’ve made a list of 18 sexual lubricants, and gave them a thorough examination. That’s how we ended up having all 18 of them rated.

Our rating scale is unique and ranges from 1-10. With 10 being the safest and having the best performance. Keep in mind it is vice-versa to ewg.org scale, where they rate ingredient hazard from 1-10. The ingredient with EWG rating 1 is the safest (least harmful) and the ingredient with 10 is the most toxic. Our scale is the other way around. Just so you don’t get confused with the metrics.

PS: The list above is ordered from the safest, to the least safe lube, according to our metrics. However, each body is different, so people may find different results with specific lube.

PPS: If you are interested in natural lube alternatives, rather than commercially available lubricants, then see this article where we talk about household items that are safe lube substitutes.

18 lubes – Which lubricant is the best and the safest?

Lubricants will be rated by 3 different criteria. The ingredients safety, user experience and people opinion, and finally, our own experience and opinion.

All metrics are rated from 1-10. The 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best of the best. That’s how we designed the scorecard system for our lube assessment.

Ingredients safety metrics

Ingredients safety assessment is done according to the ewg.org hazard score of chemicals used in a specific lube. However, some ingredients, which may have low score on ewg.org, but are known to cause problems when applied to private parts, can be rated as higher risk ingredients by us. Like for example Glycerin (C3H8O3) has EWG hazard score merely 1-2. But recent studies confirm that it causes yeast infections when applied to vagina. Therefore, the color indicator with such ingredient can’t be green – it is for this reason yellow.

User experience metrics

It is done by us checking reviews of each of these lubes and what people have to say about them. Do they like the lube, the performance, the taste, the smell, the packaging, customer support … everything. We are going to extract some good points and some bad points, that users had to say about specific lube, and give it the score accordingly.

Our own opinion metrics

Here’s where our humble opinion comes in. We had a chance to test most of these lubes. While the few ones we haven’t, we will rate according to ingredients and user feedback. We have quite some knowledge in the chemical department, and we have an ob-gyn on our writing team. We’ve been studying lubes and their safety for years now, so we should also have a word in this.

The final score is an average of all 3 metrics, and that’s how each personal lubricant will be rated. Enjoy your read! And don’t hesitate to leave a question, any thoughts, or criticize us by dropping a comment below, at the end of this article.

1st place [9.7] : Foria Pleasure THC lube

foria pleasure

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 10 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 10 / 10

Foria seems to change people’s lives (in a good sense). There are so many good reviews out there, and all speak about Foria Pleasure in this manner: “I used lubes throughout all my life, but what Foria made me feel, can’t compare to any other lube.” – Women are reporting amazing sensations and strong orgasms. Married women, women in peri & post menopausal period … many of them claim Foria Pleasure has changed their sex life, and they talk of Foria as being the best and safest lubricant to use. People are ecstatic over it, and I see many of them want Foria Pleasure THC lube to be legal everywhere.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 9 / 10

We aren’t rating Foria good because of the THC inclusion. We rate it good because it’s natural and due to its astonishing performance. 2 real ingredients only. No preservatives added, no harmful ingredients. And when used this lube gets women into heaven. The THC actually works. Not to be mistaken with CBD lube, this is one of the rare lubes that comes with an active THC. You can read the difference between CDB and THC here. But in short and simplified language CBD is inactive, while THC is active. Foria Pleasure THC lube is to our knowledge and tests the safest lubricant to use, and it offers an amazing experience. It is oil based however, so do not use it with condoms. And it doesn’t come cheap! The small bottle you’ll be getting is merely 10 ml (0.33 oz).

2nd place [9.0] : YES WB water based personal lubricant

yes wb lube for sex

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 9 / 10

Most people love YES water based lube. It is indeed an ingredient-friendly lube. People who experienced irritations with previous lubes, seem to be satisfied with this one. The criticism is mostly due to lube drying out too fast, which makes people reapply it couple of times during a single intercourse. This also makes it expensive, cause it’s being used faster. In general, people love YES WB. *Pro tip: Keep a spray of water near and when it dries, just spray some water over it and it will start running back again.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 9 / 10

This lube has 4 organic ingredients out of 8. That’s very good indeed. It is also compliant with vegan regulations, which is another bonus. None of the ingredients have an ewg.org rating above 3, and most of them are level 1 ingredients. This lube can be used with everything – condoms, silicone toys, latex, … “YES” is a very nice lube in our opinion. Great for reducing friction during sex and for treating vaginal dryness after menopause. May just be the safest lubricant to use. The only problem we have, it tends to stain your sheets.

3rd place [8.7] : Aloe Cadabra, Organic Aloe Vera Lube

ALOE CADABRA organic aloe vera

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

People praise it for being natural. They like the fact that it comes out thick, but when you start using and tempering with it, it becomes thin. Another good feature of Aloe Cadabra is that it never becomes sticky, no matter how many times you reapply it. But replication will probably be necessary, as people say it tends to dry out. However, if you are searching for a natural lube, that can be used with condoms and toys (and anything really), Aloe Cadabra can just be one of the best and safest lubricants to use.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 9 / 10

It definitely shows that manufacturers tried to make one of the safest water-based lube, when designing Aloe Cadabra. Based on the ingredients, it is made for people with sensitive skin in mind. No glycerin, no parabens, no formaldehyde releasers, no fragrance, …just seems like a natural choice. The only downside being it tends to dry out, but that’s expected because it is water-based after all. When thinking about what’s the safest lubricant to use, Aloe Cadabra definitely stands out.

3rd place [8.7] : Überlube Luxury Silicone Based Lubricant

uberlube safest sexual lubricant

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Well, not many bad reviews on this one. Those who did gave it a bad review, it was in majority due to customer support (no refund policy). I was reading about the guy who found his bottle spilled all over the packaging it came in, and was furious about being unable to refund it. I understand that completely. But more that 85% of people gave it a pure 10. Some swore to it, they love everything about it – the elegant bottle, the pump, the feeling this lube provides … Uberlube is one of the highest rated silicone-based lubricants among lube users.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 9 / 10

Regarding silicone lubes – it is hard to say, which one is the safest lubricant to use. A lot of people can experience an allergic reaction to a silicone-based lube. That is why it is crucial that you first apply a small amount to a part of your skin, and then let it rest for a while. If nothing happens, no itching, no irritations, you are probably safe to use it on your private areas. Uberlube is by our standard probably the best (or at least in the very top) silicone lube. The ingredient composition is friendly and the lube offers a nice long-lasting performance. But … it does come in a small bottle (100 ml / 3.38 oz) for not such a small price.

5th place [8.3] : Penchant Premium Silicone Lube For Sensitive Skin

Penchant Premium

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Most people give Penchant Premium lube a good rating. They praise it as being extremely long-lasting and slippery, without ever drying out. The problem some have with it, criticizing it due to the bottle being unstable and if tipped over leaking its content. Overall, it gets outstanding reviews. Don’t forget that it can’t be used with silicone toys (same as all silicone based lubricants).

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 8 / 10

We believe this lube to be one of the greatest. It is composed of only 4 ingredients of which all seem to be safe. The only ingredient why this lube doesn’t deserve a 10, is Cyclopentasiloxane. But still, none of the ingredients are irritants, none are connected with yeast infections, and that’s what matters most. And performance of this lube is just amazing. You can even use it under shower! You’re welcome to read a comprehensive article we’ve written on Penchant Premium lube here. It just might be the safest lubricant to use?

5th place [8.3] : Sliquid H2O Original Water Based Lubricant

sliquid h20 - What is the safest lubricant to use?

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Most people love it cause it’s vegan, odorless, flavorless and stainless. They praise it as it feels very natural. Since it’s water-based it can also be used with condoms and your favorite sex toys. Most negative comments are about it being too watery and thin. So, I guess if you like thicker lubes you should give this one a pass. But if you are more of a thin lube person, go for it by all means. Another interesting complaint by users was molding. Quite a few complained they’ve noticed mold in their bottle. I guess it was a batch issue.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 8 / 10

The ingredients are definitely safe, indicating that this could be the safest lubricant to use. They don’t use the harmful glycerin as a thickening agent and humectant, but use plant cellulose instead – a healthier solution. No sugars, no parabens, nothing harmful can be found in this lube. However, nothing good can be found in it either – it’s almost like water – empty. No vitamins, no nutrition, nothing. So yes, it is very pure and harmless lube, but without any medicinal value. But overall, it is a good lube and it’s perfect for people who are prone to yeast infections.

5th place [8.3] : Swiss Navy Personal Premium Silicone Based Lubricant

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Swiss navy has the consistency resembling the one of olive oil. Its viscosity is somewhere in between thick and runny … and customers adore it for this feature. It is not too thin, while it’s also not too thick. Specifically, the customers who are aiming for some anal fun say that this lube is the best one for rectal penetration. It is very slippery and doesn’t get “gummy”. However, a number of bad reviews are basically saying “the product came half empty”, “the package was spilled”. Seems like a great product, but they should assure quality packaging and delivery.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 8 / 10

Certainly a very good lube if you are into silicone based lubes. Swiss Navy might just be the safest lubricant to use if your skin can handle silicone ingredients. What we like about this one is, that it’s not too watery. The bottle is discreet and doesn’t give away the fact that this is a personal lubricant. The pump helps prevent spillage and accidentally using too much lube at once. Good lube, but they did increase the price lately (quite a bit).

5th place [8.3] : #LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant


What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 9 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Uh, this one has so many reviews and comments all over the World Wide Web. Most people like it and say it’s their favorite water-based lube they ever tried. While there’s also some criticism that we could easily find. A few people seem to complain over burning sensation they got with this lube. Well, the only ingredient that could cause that burning, is in my opinion Citric Acid. Citric acid is a weak organic acid found in citrus fruits – and you’d have to be extremely sensitive specifically to it, or even allergic, to sense any sort of irritations. Based on chemical composition, this lube shouldn’t burn at all, but oh well, some say it did.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 8 / 10

#LubeLife is indeed in the very top, when it comes to ingredient friendliness. No parabens, no glycerin, no PEG, no propylene glycol, no formaldehyde, no strong synthetic irritants … they are using Sodium Benzoate and Citric Acid for prolonging shelf life, and this is much healthier than using UREA or PARABENS. It can be seen from the ingredient list, that people who designed this lube, did it with user health in mind. Good lube, safe lube, and performs very well. It doesn’t get sticky, there’s no presence of “soap taste”, it just feels natural while remaining silky smooth. Just be careful to always store it vertically. Laying it horizontally inside a nightstand drawer can end up in a leakage. Also, having something healthy, soothing in it, something that would additionally benefit your skin, is what we are missing here.

9th place [7.7] : Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Lube

good clean love almost naked lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 8 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

A couple of people complained over burning sensations. Not just women, also men reported feeling the burning down there. I guess these are the types with sensitive skin. The next complaint that has been reported it’s the stickiness. Flavored lubes tend to get sticky when dried out. Being water-based it’s said that it lasts quite long when compared to other H2O lubes. People who haven’t experienced any irritations, gave Good Clean Love a very positive review. Based on peoples opinion I’d say go for it if water-based lubes are your thing.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 8 / 10

Made of 95% organic ingredients, Good Clean Love is definitely a very nice and healthy lube. Its chemical composition is very similar to Aloe Cadabra. While AC is flavorless, Good Clean Love has flavors added. It does say that these flavors are natural (they are supposed to be “a touch of lemon” and “vanilla”), but when searching for the safest lubricant to use, flavorless always wins. Flavors tend to include sugars and sweeteners, and that doesn’t work well when it comes to preventing yeast infections. The inclusion of Lactic Acid may also irritate the most sensitive people. But in general, this lube does have some good features.

10th place [7.0] : Shibari Premium Water Based Lube

shibari - is shibari the safest lubricant to use

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 7 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

Shibari water-based lube is said by its users to have this genuinely natural taste to it. Indeed, many lubes tend to smell of chemicals, soap, and artificial flavorings. With Shibari this is not the case, and by checking the ingredients the reason is quite obvious. The funny thing is that as many good reviews it gets, it also has about 10% of bad reviews. People complaining about the itching occurring, people don’t like how watery it is, and finally people saying that it gets sticky. This makes me wonder if they are inconsistent with their batches?

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 7 / 10

The lube we tried felt good. Do not dismiss the fact that there is Glycerin included, so stay away from this one if you are prone to any type of vaginitis (yeast infection, bv, …). The truth is, if we had to use one word for this lube, it would be “watery”. But some people enjoy thin lubes. The batch we got wasn’t sticky, and the lube felt quite natural. It did however stain our sheets!

11th place [6.3] : Lelo Personal Moisturizer

lelo personal moisturizer

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 6 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

What bothers people most about Lelo is the stickiness. It tends to dry out quick and becomes sticky. Some complained over “chemical smell”. Well it does have 15 chemicals featured. The more ingredients, the worst. Look for lubes with the lowest count of ingredients. The aspartame also doesn’t do it any favor, cause it’s known to promote yeast infections. However, other people seem to adore it. It has quite a few very good reviews, and let’s be honest the bottle has an amazing design.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 6 / 10

Knowing a thing or two about the chemicals, we don’t like two things: Propylene Glycol and Tetrasodium EDTA. The first is an irritant, and Tetrasodium EDTA is quite harmful as well. EDTA is synthesized on an industrial scale from ethylenediamine, formaldehyde, and a source of cyanide. Keywords “cyanide” and “formaldehyde”. I would never use that on my intimate body parts. It’s definitely not the safest lubricant to use. Also being composed of 15 (yeah 15!) ingredients is something that gets you thinking. Remember, less is more. And here, this is hardly the case. However, it doesn’t contain “the worst of the worst” imaginable ingredients, so it’s still an okayish lube.

12th place [6.0] : K-Y Jelly Water Based Personal Lube

k-y jelly water based lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 6 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

Some users say it is too thick, and some criticized on how it tastes. The lube being water-based is expected to dry out faster, however some complained that it might get sticky. In general people are rating this product as a good one, and most people are satisfied at what it does.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 5 / 10

We can’t get past the fact that this lube contains glycerin and parabens. Glycerin is the main ingredient connected with yeast infections, while Methylparaben is an endocrine disruptor. Meaning it messes up with your hormones. This can lead to cancer with repeated long-term use. We are just not satisfied with these 2 ingredients – they are surely not welcome in our private parts.

13th place [5.7] : Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant

pre-seed fertility friendly lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 5 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 8 / 10

Around 70% of customers rated it with pure ten, other percentage with less. Some complaints – burning, itching, UTI (urinary tract infection) … Most people seem to be convinced that Pre-Seed is a great lube. The ones with sensitive skin and the ones with an allergy to dangerous chemicals (Propyl- & Methyl- paraben), tend to disagree. Pre-Seed seems to have good support. Every unsatisfied customer is acknowledged by the Pre-Seed customer relations. Anyway … lots of people are satisfied and claim this lube helped them conceive.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 4 / 10

We need to be honest here. Pre-Seed, the highly trusted brand, targeting couples trying to conceive, used by people all around the world. So, it must be the safest lubricant to use? – How come endocrine disruptors are in it then? A lubricant that features Methylparaben and Propylparaben, technically and by all definitions, cannot be called “fertility friendly”.

See how parabens affect sperm health. Here’s a good read: “We know that exposure to xenoestrogens like parabens can increase the potential for hormone-related issues like PCOS, endometriosis, and reproductive cancers in women”.

An excerpt from a 2002 study: “Daily sperm production and its efficiency in the testis of all groups receiving propyl paraben significantly decreased. The serum testosterone concentration decreased in a dose-dependent manner and the decrease was significant in the group that received the highest dose. The exposure level at which this effect was observed is the same as the upper-limit acceptable daily intake (10 mg/kg body weight/day) of parabens in the European Community and Japan.”

Findings of the 2016 study, which confirms that Methylparaben increases breast cancer tumor proliferation (picture).

Throwing parabens into the ingredient mix and calling the lube “fertility friendly”, is something that we feel, is not entirely fair to the customers! Without parabens, with the use of less harmful preservatives, Pre-Seed could have been great. There are so many preservative options, which are better and healthier than parabens – e.g. Sodium benzoate and Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate [source].

14th place [5.3] : ID Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant

ID Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 5 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

ID Glide is a popular water-based lube, used by thousands of people who swear on the water-based type. The key quality of this lube is by the words of its users the slickness of it (hard feature to find in a water-based lube). Is it the best and the safest lubricant to use? – Users say if your body produces natural fluid or if you sweat, ID glide can be long-lasting. Otherwise, you should keep a spray bottle filled with water near, to add moisture instead of endlessly reapplying the lube. It tends to get sticky when it dries out and some users didn’t like how it smells.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 4 / 10

When searching for the safest lubricant to use, the lube has to be pure and shouldn’t feature known toxins and irritants. EDTA, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PEG 90M, Methylparaben … these ingredients surely won’t help your skin. If you experience problems having yeast infections in the past, and if you are sensitive to irritant ingredients, you should think twice before using this lube. For example, here’s how one of the ingredients can affect your sexual well-being, Propylene Glycol [cdc.gov]: Frequent skin exposure to propylene glycol can sometimes irritate the skin.

15th place [4.7] : Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Lubricant

Astroglide Liquid

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 4 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 7 / 10

In general (and to our surprise) users rate it quite well – not as the safest lubricant to use, but still good. Not everyone has sensitive skin and to those people ingredient-friendliness matters less. People mostly say it is a solid lube. Some complaints have been made over it becoming sticky (glycerin & glycol), and only few complained over burning sensations.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 3 / 10

This lube looks critical when it comes to ingredients. Definitely not the safest lubricant to use. It contains glycerin, which is proven to cause candida overgrowth. It contains parabens (irritation, endocrine disruption), which have been found to promote breast cancer. It also includes propylene glycol (another irritant) and polyquternium-15 (anything with “quaternium” should be avoided). Honestly we don’t like the featured ingredients at all. The only good thing is, that it’s water based, so it can be used with condoms and toys. If you don’t mind the ingredient composition, if your skin is not easily disturbed, go for it.

16th place [4.0] : Boy Butter H2O Formula

boy butter h2o lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 2 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 6 / 10

People say about it that it’s a “thick lube”. Some complain about it being more “lotion” than a “lube”. A guy wrote he put it on his dry hands and lightly rubbed it in. In a minute he could put his hands right back to the computer keyboard, because they weren’t lubey at all. Some reviews say it’s messy, while other say it’s painful. Many compare it to lotion / cream instead of lube. I guess if you are a person that falls for thicker lubes, and without sensitive skin problems, this lube will do the trick.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 3 / 10

We thought that 15 ingredients win, and now we find this lube that has 16 ingredients overall. Some of these are of high concern. The safest lubricant to use does not come with formaldehyde releasing agents (Urea). Formaldehyde is extremely toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Same goes for parabens (endocrine disruptors). There is also PEG-100 stearate featured, which has a high concern of being contaminated with Ethylene Oxide (EWG level 8-10 ingredient – extremely toxic). When it comes to unhealthy ingredients, this lube certainly has something to show off. And if you check their official website ingredient list, some ingredients are spelled wrong, and some commas are where they shouldn’t be.

17th place [3.7] : Bottoms Up Water-Based Anal Comfort Lubricant

Bottoms Up Water-Based Anal Comfort Lubricant

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 3 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = 6 / 10

Don’t really understand, but it seems that most people who bought this lube were searching for the numbing agent rather than a proper lube. What’s the point of having sex if your goal is to simply feel nothing? – Anyway, people are very pleased how this lube actually numbs you locally, and consequently you feel no pain whatsoever during the intercourse. Good reviews are mostly from the ladies who tried anal before but just couldn’t do it, and with this “anesthetic lube” they of course managed to get through with it. Some even said to be careful how much you apply, because if you use too much you won’t feel anything at all. Another criticism is about the stickiness, and that it’s best to have some oil prepared by the side. But that won’t help if you’re doing it with condoms, right? I believe your best choice for anal are silicone-based lubes and natural oils. And to make anal sex painless, a good preparation and lots of foreplay are the key.

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 2 / 10

Long ago when I began using and researching intimate lubricants I always wondered what’s the difference between an “anal lube” and a “normal lube”. What I discovered was, that the so-called anal lubes tend to include anesthetics – Lidocaine in this case. This doesn’t relax your muscles, instead it numbs your nerves locally where applied at. Not feeling the pain, doesn’t mean nothing wrong is happening to your body. Pain is a signal telling your body something bad is happening to it. Blocking the pain just doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do – it’s actually quite dangerous … Ingredient wise, is this lube the safest lubricant to use? – Look at all the red dots. It contains formaldehyde releasers (Urea), it contains Parabens, Glycerin and Glycol. When I tried this lube vaginally (long ago) I can still remember the burning sensations which came after few hours, and within 2 days I also developed an infection.

18th place [2.0] : Okeny’s Rock Warming Water Based Lube

okenys rock lube

What ingredients are in it? | Ingredient safety score = 2 / 10

What people say about it? | User experience score = – / 10

Not much info can be found on this one, because it ain’t that popular actually. We listed it, to show an example of the ingredient mix that everyone should avoid at all costs. Because we were unable to find a single comment on this one, we’re just gonna skip this part

What we think about it? | Our opinion score = 2 / 10

Let’s see what harmful ingredients are NOT in this lube? – It practically has everything. The worst being DMDM Hydantoin (carcinogen and irritant) formaldehyde releaser. It slowly releases toxic formaldehyde to kill microbes. Such chemical behavior also negatively affects your vaginal health when applied. And let’s not forget about Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Triethanolamine also being included … The worst is the label on the bottle: “meet your new best friend” – Formaldehyde is my new best friend? This lube is the least safest lubricant to use when compared to other lubes on our list.

Conclusions – What is the safest lubricant to use?

We assessed and analyzed 18 lubricants based on their features, ingredients, and public opinion, while also giving in our own subjective thoughts into the mix.

We believe this assessment will be beneficial to everyone searching for a perfect lubricant that brings nothing but joy and sexual comfort.

Too many times we read how someone got an infection or burning sensation from a particular lube, and when checking the ingredients of that lube, we think to ourselves: “With this ingredient composition, it’s no surprise that it burns!”

You could see that some lube manufacturers are still using:

  • endocrine disruptors,
  • formaldehyde releasers,
  • and irritant ingredients.

The lubes that were highlighted as green, are basically the safest and also expected to perform the very best. But keep in mind that every individual on this planet is different and that you might not like, or feel something odd, even with the ones that are thought to be the safest. Depends on how your body reacts.

But it will certainly be easier to find your perfect lube if you go through our list, trying one-by-one, progressing from the top, further down. One will definitely fit your skin and style that you’re searching for.

We would however like to advise, that you keep away from the lubes that are highlighted with red. Even if you don’t feel anything wrong (since you may not be the sensitive type) repeated use can lead to health complications.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our article on sexual wellness and this practical lube assessment we just did. We tried to keep it as objective as possible, while also including our own opinion. If you disagree with our list, give us a comment and let’s discuss.

Thank you all for reading our article titled What is the safest lubricant to use? | 18 lubes analyzed. We hope you’ll find it helpful (and interesting) in one way or another. Stay healthy and stay in love <3

Sexual wellness and the safety of personal lubricants


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