What is the best flavored lube and are flavored lubes safe?


Let’s first make it clear that we at lubeforsex.com do not have a great opinion regarding flavored lubricants.

So, it might be a bit challenging for us to determine what is the best flavored lube, since we honestly believe that everyone should avoid them. We believe that “less is more”, and that a lube should be clear, tasteless and possibly also odorless.

Most websites you’ll stumble across will say: “Flavored lubes are awesome, why not chose a lube that has a taste that you love the most?”

What they don’t tell you is:

  1. That flavored lubes are mostly made of artificial flavors.
  2. That flavored lubes tend to get sticky.
  3. That sweet stuff promotes yeast infection.

We are different from most of the other websites because we actually give an honest opinion, and we actually try providing helpful content. Instead of just writing promotional content that “sells” like so many other sites do.

By the way. We have recently written an extensive article about non-flavored lubricants, and scored them based on their safety and performance. If you are interested in clean, flavorless, unscented lubes you may wanna check it out.

Back to the topic…. Is there such thing as the best flavored lube? And is using flavored lubes safe? – This is what we are going to discus here. We will check if there are any lubricants on the market that have natural flavors added, and could actually be safe to use.

You can find lube description below the main list of the best flavored lubes. We want to give you the list first and introduce you to the best flavored lubes.

We picked these lubes based on the quality:

  • Are they natural?
  • Are they organic?
  • Is there lots of sugar added?
  • Does it get sticky?
  • What other ingredients and preservatives are included?
  • How is the osmolality [1]?

… these were just few criteria, while also reading tons of reviews and testing most of these lubricants by ourselves (well me and my wife tested them) hard work indeed ;) And when you merge all elements together, you come up with the final results – the list of the best flavored lubes.

Note that some of them do include glycerin, but none of them have parabens, formaldehyde releasers, and all are made of natural flavors.

These are, according to our tests and research, the best flavored lubricants:

  • #LubeLife
  • Aloe Cadabra
  • Sliquid Swirl
  • Maple Holistics
  • Coconut Oil

Only 5 lubes? – No, it’s 5 brands. Aloe Cadabra has 11 flavors alone, Sliquid Swirl has 8 flavors, there are about 25 products in this package when summed up.

The above list is in no particular order. All these flavoured lubricants are of the highest quality. Now if you are interested, you can check more in-depth information about each of the presented lubes below.

We will check which are the available flavors, what ingredients do they use, and what is being said about the product itself by the customers.

Also, we are going to talk briefly about our own experience with these lubes. You have to give me credit for this, because I am really against the use of flavored lubes. But I must admit I quite enjoyed “the torture” :)

Let’s also talk about the safety of using flavored personal lubricants.

Are flavored lubes healthy and safe to use?

Generally speaking, no, not really. Only few contain Organic Flavorings and most have sugar added in some form. Even when there’s “sugar free” labeling, the lube usually contains a sugar substitute. It can be Aspartame, it can be Sucralose, it can be Stevia, it can be anything that tastes sweet. Stevia may just be the healthiest form you’ll be getting.

To conclude the safety question, I’d say: “If you are not prone to vaginal infections (e.g. yeast infection), it is generally safe to use flavored lubricants. However, in my honest opinion, going for the clean, flavorless, odorless versions, should be (in most cases) a better and healthier choice.”

PS: Note that this article has been written in April 2020. Manufacturers may with time add or remove some flavors. We will try update this list as frequently as possible. Thank you.

#LubeLife – Astonishing Flavoured Lubricants

what is the best flavored lube - lubelife

#LubeLife can easily be compared to Mercedes-Benz, if we try to make a comparison with another industry product. #LubeLife has tradition, it is a great lube overall, the company does care for their customers, and it is indeed a reliable “friend” that will mostly bring nothing but additional pleasure to your late night activities. However, it does contain glycerin, so if you are prone to yeast infections I honestly believe that you should consider other choices. If not, go for it.

What flavors does #LubeLife offer?

  1. Watermelon flavored lube
  2. Strawberry lube
  3. Mint chocolate chip flavour

Important mentions and certification:

  • FDA cleared
  • Made in USA
  • Sugar free

Some specifics worth knowing before buying the #LubeLife flavored lubes

#LubeLife is paraben free lube, contains no toxic ingredients that are of concern, however as we already said it does contain glycerin, which can be of concern for women prone to developing yeast infection.

Another thing to note is that the flavored line of #LubeLife might be without sugar, but it does have artificial sweetener Sucralose (E955) added to it. To my best knowledge, synthetic sweeteners and specifically Sucralose may not be the healthiest choice for sweetening things up. Stevia for example, is a healthier alternative.

However, the good thing is how it performs. It is extremely slick and long-lasting for a water based lube. So, if you are not on the sensitive side, I’d say this should be one of your best options. It will provide the glide you’re searching for and it has a very good taste.

How was my experience with flavored #LubeLife’s and is this the best flavored lube?

Well, actually I had to try the flavored version of #LubeLife alone. My wife refused to experiment with a lube that contains Glycerin and Sucralose. I put some lube on a teaspoon and tasted it. The watermelon tasted quite sugary to be honest. It wasn’t the mild taste, instead it was rather on the strong side. For women with the sweet tooth, that should be great, but for those searching for just a hint of flavoring it might be too strong. On the other hand, the lube performed well, it hadn’t dry up too quick and “did the job” well. Is this the best flavored lube? For people who like sweet stuff and are not skin sensitive, it just might be.

Aloe Cadabra – Best Flavored Lube

Aloe Cadabra Flavored Lubricants

Remember the list is not ordered. But Aloe Cadabra flavored lubricants are truly some of the best you can get. Why? – Because the brand is focused into creating organic and natural lubes that are not only enjoyable but also healthy. All preservatives are natural, and they are successfully avoiding irritant ingredients.

What flavors does Aloe Cadabra offer?

  1. Piña colada flavored lube
  2. Strawberry flavored lubricant
  3. Mango flavor
  4. Vanilla
  5. Butter rum
  6. Cherry lemonade
  7. French lavender
  8. Peppermint
  9. Banana
  10. Orange
  11. Key lime pie

Important mentions and certification:

  • Live Well Brands
  • NSF organic
  • Vegan
  • FDA cleared
  • Ingredient friendly

What is it that’s so different between Aloe Cadabra lube and other lubes on the market?

Mainly the ingredients. You can see the list of harmful ingredients here. If you check all Aloe Cadabra products you will find that they do not add any harmful ingredients into their products. No glycerin, no parabens, no formaldehyde releasers, etc.

Instead using toxic synthetic ingredients made in labs, they rather use natural preservatives, such as Citric Acid, which comes from nature and can be found in fruits and vegetables.

The flavored versions of the Aloe Cadabra lube don’t have any sugars added. Then why does it have a sweet side you may wonder? – Because instead of using artificial sweeteners or sugars, they add a pinch of organic stevia (where needed) to get the sweetness. Stevia is just so much healthier!

How I felt using Aloe Cadabra flavored lube?

First, I didn’t try all flavors. I tried 4: Piña colada, strawberry, vanilla and banana. The thing I liked is that the flavor was rather mild instead of strong. I like this. Wife said she can feel the taste but nothing too overpowering. Also the lube didn’t get sticky, despite being flavored. My wife remained healthy and didn’t complain about any vaginal discomfort. That’s a win for me.

Sliquid Swirl – Safest Flavored Lube

Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lube

When I first encountered Sliquid as a brand and saw their Sliquid H2O lube, I was like: “Wow, now this looks clean!” For all who may not know, the H2O is a natural flavorless lube from Sliquid, that contains 5 ingredients only. The flavored lubes are presented under the “Swirl” sub-category, and have practically same natural ingredients as the H2O lube, with the addition of natural flavoring and aspartame.

What flavors does Sliquid Swirl offer?

  1. Cherry vanilla lubricant
  2. Green apple tart
  3. Strawberry pomegranate
  4. Blue raspberry
  5. Piña colada lube
  6. Pink lemonade
  7. Blackberry fig
  8. Tangerine peach

Important mentions and certification:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in USA
  • Recyclable packaging

How is Sliquid different from other lubricants within personal care market?

“Formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women” is Sliquid’s slogan. The founder of Sliquid (Dean Elliott) converted an idea into reality due to his wife’s constant vaginal issues that she was experiencing with other personal lubricants that contain questionable ingredients (glycerin, parabens, formaldehyde releasers, etc.). Sliquid was born and remains recognized as one of the top brands among personal lubricants, with their main focus being natural, regardless of the production cost.

How was my experience with Sliquid Swirl flavored lubes?

OK, so to begin with which ones I tried. Piña colada and green apple. First, I do have to criticize the bottle, which was quite annoying to open for reapplication when your hands are already all slippery and wet. That ruined the fun a little. Second, the piña colada flavor, my wife said it tastes nothing like piña colada, and that it reminded her more of how semen tastes.

But we very much enjoyed the green apple one. Very nice taste and good performance. Even though it does last for quite a while, it tends to get a little sticky once it starts drying out. I have to say that the addition of aspartame does not get a plus from me, even if it’s just a hint of it. However, if I had to rate the green apple, I’d still give it 4.7 out of 5. Very nice flavored lube indeed.

Maple Holistics – Flavor For Passion

maple holistics flavoured lubes

Ingredient-wise Maple Holistic lube resembles the #LubeLife flavored line. It contains glycerin (which is supposed to be of the healthy vegetable source … but glycerin is glycerin and it can promote yeast infection regardless of the source, when applied to vagina), and it contains Sucralose (the artificial sweetener). Overall, the brand tries to keep things natural, and focuses on healthy ingredients, while most people are also satisfied how this lube behaves performance-wise. Those are the reasons we included it on our best flavored lube list.

What flavors does Maple Holistics offer?

  1. Sensual berry
  2. Mint personal lubricant

Important mentions and certification:

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free

The lube was unavailable for purchase, so I couldn’t actually try it myself! But here’s what other customers say about it:

I can’t say much about this lube because I hadn’t had the chance to try it myself. Regardless I went and did some research, so you don’t have to bother with that and collected some key information right here on one spot.

So, there are two flavors – sensual berry and the mint flavor. Most people say about both that they come with good texture, that the lube feels fine and does the job.

But when it comes to taste, most people prefer the Mint product. They say that the berry flavored lube tastes like cough medicine, and many people dislike that one. But when it comes to Mint personal lubricant, there is plenty of positive reviews regarding both, taste and performance.

I’d say if you aren’t prone to yeast infections, and want to try something fresh, go for the mint version of Maple Holistics lube.

Coconut Oil Can Also Be Used As Flavored Lube

skincare coconut-oil-coconut-oil-transparent

Coconut oil can just as well be considered a flavored lube. If you manage to get your hands on a cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil, you should smell and taste that coconuty flavor.

If your coconut oil has no odor and no flavor, there’s a high chance it has been processed. We do not recommend using any kind of processed oils instead of lube.

What’s the difference between cold-pressed and processed oils?

Cold-pressed coconut oil is of the best quality and contains the highest amount of nutrition. It is made via fermentation, where the temperature never exceeds 120°F (ca. 48°C). This allows most vitamins and nutrition to remain intact, providing for skin care benefits and general health of application.

Processed (refined) oils are made in a completely different way, which is frankly quite unhealthy. These oils are sometimes referred to as RBD oils – Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. A common way to creating refined oil, is by using a solvent (e.g. hexane), which is toxic in its nature. To get rid of hexane the oil is after heated to extreme temperatures. Traces (below 2%) of hexane may be left inside the oil. Basically refined oils have zero nutrition left due to the heating process, while also being contaminated with hexane.

Which coconut oil is the best to use as a flavored lube?

For the best flavored lube, you can use just about any high quality cold-pressed coconut oil. For example: Shea Moisture EV Coconut Oil is the one we recommend using. There are of course many other healthy alternatives, but this one is at the very top.

You can use it for skin care, hair care, cooking, moisturizing, and of course as a lube alternative. Me and my wife used coconut oil on many occasions. It was always enjoyable and never, ever, would it cause any sort of complications. It is in-fact considered healthy for vaginal flora, it has plenty of nutrition and antioxidants. It is even proven to prevent yeast infections. It feels nice and thin, and lasts for ages (never dries out even with the smallest amounts applied). If you ask me, I personally believe it to be one of the best flavored lube alternatives.

So, what’s the best flavored lube?

There is no such thing as “the best flavored lube”. It’s like asking, what is the best hairstyle – some people like short hair, some people like long hair, it’s a matter of individual opinion and taste.

However, if we already must provide an answer to what flavored lube is the best, let’s try summing it up like this:

♠ If you really want to play it safe, and go for the organic water-based version, your best choices are Aloe Cadabra and Sliquid Swirl. Both are natural, contain no harmful ingredients and most people seem to love how they taste and perform. Note that Aloe Cadabra sweetens things up by adding Organic Stevia into their formulation, while Sliquid Swirl uses Aspartame. For that reason I would prefer Aloe Cadabra myself.

♠ If you do not mind an inclusion of Glycerin and if yeast infection isn’t something that happens to you, you can consider using #LubeLife and Maple Holistics flavored lubricants. The best flavored lube may not necessarily be the safest.

♠ However, if there’s no real reason for using a water based lube, make a change and try cold-pressed coconut oil. For me it’s the ultimate choice. It’s true you can’t use it with condoms, but that thing is long-lasting, it won’t dry, it won’t get sticky, it’s not messy in any way, and it provides health benefits for your sensitive skin.

There, this is what we think about what is the best flavored lube.

We don’t like flavored lubes, we like standard lubes. But if you “must” use flavored version, I hope that this article will help you find your top choice. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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