Tips to avoid getting COVID-19 if you’re a Sex Addict


If you’re a sex addict (like me), the coronavirus (aka Covid-19) presents a big obstacle in doing what you like the most … Having sex that is. I don’t want to get you worried, but it is a virus that is dangerous and can also be deadly in some cases.

And it’s not like Covid is just a mere cold, in which case you get through in a matter of just a couple of days. The rehabilitation can take several weeks! Do you really want to feel like sh*t for weeks?

It’s true that Covid is getting a lot of unnecessary propaganda, however, one should realize where lies the power of this disease – The ability to spread.

Now, for a person like myself, who’d stick his penis into everything that has a vagina, the coronavirus is really a big problem, because people are distancing, and those who aren’t may be infected and transmit the disease to you. Now what to do to continue living a normal life as a Sex Addict?

To my experience, it is quite impossible to lead a normal life the way it was before the pandemic. However, there are certain things that you can do to make things easier for you. These we’ll be discussing within this article, which will focus on presenting a number of useful tips to avoid getting COVID-19 if you’re a sex addict.

Understanding the Coronavirus

Our first tip for any sex addict (let it be male or a female) would be to get a basic understanding of the coronavirus. By this we’d like to address questions such as:

  • How does the virus spread?
  • How dangerous is the virus?
  • What to do if you notice symptoms?

Let’s answer one by one. WHO says that the SARS-CoV-2 virus mainly spreads via physical contact and respiratory droplets (cough, saliva, …). Latest studies also prove that coronavirus has been detected in infected person’s urine and feces.

The virus is very dangerous (even deadly) for people who already have an underlying condition. People with lung problems, weak immune system, heart condition, and diabetes, are the most threatened. A strong, perfectly healthy person should overcome the virus without complications, but still it won’t be a pleasant period over the next 2 weeks!

It is not necessary that a person who is infected is showing symptoms. But if you (or the one you’re meeting) are showing any kind of symptoms – such as coughing, increased temperature, or feeling ill in any way whatsoever, you should avoid having physical contact. Sad to say, but no sex for you in that case.

Avoiding Escort Services for the Time-Being

With the understanding of the virus, you soon learn that there’s no bulletproof way of knowing whether the person you’re meeting has the virus. Hiring an Escort or visiting a brothel is best to be avoided for the time-being.

I know how hard it can be, when you’re out getting wasted, trying to get a one night stand but end up empty handed. When it happens to me, I give a visit to one of “my girls”. The problem is, that during the pandemic, all clients should have their temperature taken and take certain precautions, which of course, in reality, no one does.

That’s why it is best, when you find yourself on the crossroads, where left is home, and where right is your favorite escort, to simply turn left and don’t let your sexual addiction lead you into taking unnecessary risks.

Taking Shower Before and After Sex – Both of You!

taking shower before sex to prevent Covid-19 infection

It’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll prevent getting infected by doing so, but still taking good care of hygiene is the way to go.

Wash you mouth, brush your teeth, and take a shower. Both of you. Before and after having sex.

When having a one night stand, the hard thing here is to explain to her/him that you want to avoid corona so let’s both take a shower first. You need to come up with some creative line that won’t ruin the whole thing.

It is easier if you have a sex buddy that you already know for some time, where you can have an honest conversation about your worries and the precautions that you two should take at the times you meet.

Less is More; the Golden Rule of Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With that, I’m trying to say that you should reduce the number of your lovers. Stop having sex with 10+ different persons in a month. Try having 2-3 f*ck buddies at most. And try persuading them to do the same.

It’s not about how much sex you’re having. It’s about with how many people you’re doing it, and with how many people they are doing it. There’s is basically the same logic as trying to stay away from catching an STD for that matter.

Among the tips to avoid getting COVID-19 if you’re a sex addict, this one I find to be a very strong one. But also hard to control. Why? – Because when you’re like me, addicted to sex, you won’t be thinking about the coronavirus. You’ll only be thinking about banging whoever you get a chance to. And only later, you’ll perhaps realize that your actions were not the smartest.

Don’t Kiss and Make Sure You’re Using a Condom

safe coronavirus sex - don't kiss and use condoms

Mouth is where the respiratory droplets come from. As we mentioned earlier the virus can be spread through saliva, and when you are kissing there’s zero chance of preventing the contact with it.

It is best to stop using mouth and tongue completely during your sex acts. And your partner should be aware of this fact too. Licking, kissing, spitting, … all these acts are risky if a person is infected.

And needless to say, using protection (condoms) creates a barrier that can prevent the transmission of coronavirus from one person to another. Whatever you’re doing, whether it is oral, vaginal or anal sex you guys should be using condoms. You a sex addict? No problem. Just make sure you put on a rubber.

Use Props to Enhance Your Sex Life During the Pandemic

Let’s face it – With corona here, you have lesser chance to enjoy having sex all over the place. The bars are closing earlier or have been in some cases completely shut down. The escort services are being limited and there’s more risk to it than ever before. So, you should be thinking about how to help yourself best, without endangering your health.

Therefore, I’d like to give you men a few ideas that may come in handy when you’re alone:

  1. Lubricants – Some of them feel so good down there.
  2. Penis pumps – Great for solo fun.
  3. Real life sex dolls – Aren’t cheap but they’re worth it.

And of course you’ve got plenty more options to go for. There’s no end to how kinky one can get when having some alone time.

And of course for our female audience:

  1. Clitoral stimulators
  2. Vibrating dildos
  3. Booty plugs and anal beads

And whatever your imagination cums up with. Give your self some fun, you’ve earned it. And with this we’ve came to an end of our list of tips to avoid getting COVID-19 if you’re a sex addict.

Hope you enjoyed it, and that it inspired any new ideas for you to use during sex. Take care and stay safe all my fellow Sex Addicts.


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