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Hello. My name is Jane, and I have been given an opportunity to try Aloe Cadabra lube and now I’m here to share my personal experience from a female perspective. I am a guest here, writing my first article for this website. I have approached them myself because what happened to me was quite extraordinary. I would like to share my story here with other women (and men) who might have the same issue(s) as I had. It might shed some light on the quality of personal lubricants, specifically the Aloe Cadabra lube.

I have been suffering from various vaginal problems all my life. I guess my vagina is very sensitive and can easily get disturbed. My natural flora seems weak, for as soon as something in my diet (or life in general) changes, I get yeast infection or something else. The last time, I was changing my job, I was stressed out and boom, all hell went loose down there. Vaginal dryness, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections… all of these are nothing new to me. A constant problem. As I said, I tried Aloe Cadabra just recently, and if you bear with me, you’ll find out what exactly happened and what I think of the Aloe Cadabra lube.

If you’d like to know more about the Aloe Cadabra, here’s a link to Amazon from where you can learn more about the product, ingredients, other customer reviews, and if you want to you can also purchase it (by simply clicking the image below). But first, see what Aloe Cadabra lube “did to me”!

Aloe Cadabra – Personal Lubricant For Sensitive Skin

Who am I, and why I decided to try Aloe Cadabra lube

As I said in the introduction paragraph, my name is Jane and I am very pleased to meet you, and honored that I am able to share my personal experience on with all of you.

I come from US, Michigan, and I’ve stumbled on “Lube For Sex” website through Reddit. I am an active Reddit member, and I remember seeing a post there about dangerous lube ingredients and vaginal dryness issues. That post mentioned a source of the information to be this website. Boy, was I in for a treat – I’ve read all the articles about lubes, and ingredients, and how important the composition of a personal lubricant is for sexual well-being.

Never in my life have I seen a website dedicated so much into sexual-wellness as this particular site. And I am horrified to find out what sorts of stuff some manufacturers are using in their products. Can you imagine, that you are using formaldehyde in your skincare products? And that there are ingredients, proven to cause yeast infection (and even cancer) in various commercially available lubes?

Anyway, needless to say, I got my knowledge now, I researched stuff (not just through this website, also used other resources), and I believe that now I have the basic knowledge to know what is good, and what is bad for my vagina. I recommend reading through dangerous lube ingredients to avoid, within the linked article.

Maybe a thing or two about me; I am a woman aged 36, I do sports (jogging, cycling, rollerskating), and I have 2 kids – a girl Anna and a boy Evan. I am married for 10 years now. And while the marriage had its ups and downs, I must say I’m positive and love my husband and kids. You probably don’t really care about all this, so let’s go straight to my “problems”.

Various lubes and my vaginal problems – Dryness, Yeast, B.V.

I had my first sexual experience with a man at the age of 17. God it was painful and he was nothing special in size (about 14 cm = 5.5 inch). He told me after sex, that he struggled to get inside of me, since I was so dry. At that time we simply used spit for lubrication, since we had nothing else ready. But you know how’s with the saliva, it dries out quickly.

Anyway, at that time, I didn’t think much of it. So I was dry one time, who cares. But after a year (and I’ve been with several boys at that 17ish – 18ish period of my life) I knew something was wrong with me. I was just so dry. It didn’t matter how horny I was, it didn’t matter how hot the guy was, I was simply just dry. I realized at about my 20s that sex and I simply don’t go along.

10 years later I meet the guy I really fall for, that perfect husband material. He was also very big-sized (like 18 cm = 7 inch). I loved him for his personality and his good deeds, but having sex with him was like putting a knife in my vagina. I remember that I hated having sex with my own husband for so long.

Aloe Cadabra - Best Natural Lube For Sensitive Skin

And yeah, we did try LUBES. We tried so many of them, god. But every time, something went awfully wrong. I remember the first lube we have tried I had suffered such burning sensation that I would rather go give birth to a child, than feel that burning sensation for like 1,5 hours after sex.

The 2nd lube was better, didn’t hurt as much, but few days later, there it is. Strange uncomfortable feeling in my vaginal area, white cheese-like stuff coming out of my vagina, and constant itching. The yeast infection. Gynecologist said, that the lube must have contained sugars (glycerin, or flavors), which triggered candida species overgrowth and consequently I developed the yeast infection.

I remember that one lube made my husband’s penis go red as a tomato. Probably an allergic reaction. He developed a rash. It was nasty. It hurt him like hell.

I could describe similar bad experiences resulting in various vaginal problems for like 10+ other lubes we’ve tried. Simply nothing worked for me. Everything people were recommending over forums, good ratings, “safe lube for sensitive skin” signs on lube bottles. Every single time, after using a lube I’ve had a problem.

Then I stumble across the Lube For Sex website. And start reading through various articles. “Ingredient analysis that”, “Ingredient analysis this”, “Lubes that are actually safe”, “Homemade natural lubricant for sensitive skin”, and the topics went on and on. It was incredible how in-depth the authors went researching certain “micro” topics.

Most fascinating thing was, that when I compared my collection of lubes I had bought prior to finding Lube For Sex site, these lubes all contained at least one harmful ingredient (most of my lubes had at least one of the parabens – mostly Methylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, almost all of my lubes contained glycerin, some of them also propylene glycol, and two of them had polyquaternium-15… all hazardous ingredients). I compared ingredients of my lubes, with ingredients listed in these three articles:

After reading all these bad stuff about so many chemicals, which names I still can’t pronounce, I found recommendations. Lube For Sex didn’t recommend many lubes. It also didn’t recommend most famous lubes. It recommended lubes based on the ingredient safety, user experience and own personal testing.

Aloe Cadabra lube was mentioned as one of the best water based lubricants in the opinion of Lube For Sex source. I went for it. Clicked the button. Received it.

Honestly I wasn’t too optimistic. I’ve read positive stuff about those bad lubes that burned me also. But I said to myself let’s just give Aloe Cadabra a chance. Let’s see if Aloe Cadabra lube is any different. Can Aloe Cadabra lube be a solution for my dry and sensitive vagina?

Aloe Cadabra and 5 facts you must know about this lube

To answer how Aloe Cadabra turned out for me. Short answer: “It was amazing!”

  • No burning sensation whatsoever.
  • Didn’t developed any nasty infection after couple of usages.
  • Even though it doesn’t contain glycerin, it lasted long enough for a water-based lube.
  • To make it run back again I simply added some water to the skin (no need to constantly reapply the lube).
  • It tasted natural and healthy.
Lube For Sex - Aloe Cadabra lube

Aloe Cadabra is ingredient-friendly lube

Let’s take a good look at each of the ingredients and check hazard level. is Environmental Working Group, and on this website you can basically find all information and concerns about chemicals used in skincare products, cosmetics, shampoos, and also personal lubricants.

The ingredients are graded on the level from 1 – 10 based on the data about their toxicity. 10 being the most toxic and 1 being completely safe. Lubes that I had at home contained ingredients that were rated 4 and even 5, 6. Now let’s see Aloe Cadabra ingredients, and check at if they are harmful.

  • Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – this is organic and natural ingredient (95% of Aloe Cadabra lube is Food Grade Organic Aloe Vera – NSF Certified Organic) [1]
  • Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E Oil) – very beneficial and healthy for skin and vagina [2]
  • Xanthan Gum – rated as level 1 ingredient by [3]
  • Citric Acid – rated as level 1-2 ingredient by [4]
  • Sodium Benzoate (food grade) – rated as level 1-3 ingredient by [5], food grade meaning healthier version
  • Potassium Sorbate (food grade) – rated as level 3 ingredient by [6], food grade meaning healthier version
  • Organic Vanilla Planifolia Concentrate – rated as level 1 ingredient by [7]

This is very good for a lube. If you do such analysis for 10 other lubes, you’ll find 9/10 will contain ingredients with hazard level well over 4, 5 and even 6.

Therefore, we can see from the ingredient list, that Aloe Cadabra is in-fact ingredient friendly lube, and contains only organic and non-toxic ingredients (no glycerin, no parabens, no DMDM Hydantoin, no diazolidinyl urea, and similar ingredients rated well above level 5). The few named ingredients will definitely disturb your vagina and your natural flora, resulting in burning sensation, yeast infections, itching, possibly also dermatitis.

Aloe Cadabra is the perfect lube for sensitive skin

I can speak about this from my personal experience. Before I even knew that Aloe Cadabra is ingredient friendly (I didn’t check ingredients prior to purchasing and using it), Aloe Cadabra felt natural.

Note that I haven’t tried flavored Aloe Cadabra. I tried the “natural” one. And it was perfect. I don’t like or recommend flavored lube, because flavors are usually just sugars and artificial flavors, which might cause yeast infection. Like I said, I don’t know what kind of flavors are the flavored versions of Aloe Cadabra lube, since I didn’t try it, and have no intention of doing so. Flavored lubes should be avoided in my opinion, period.

I have such a sensitive vagina and natural Aloe Cadabra worked for me like a charm. I like it, my husband loves it, and my vaginal dryness isn’t an issue anymore. We are having sex now on weekly basis, and I enjoy having sex much more now.

No burning sensations, no nasty itching after sex, no bacterial vaginosis, no yeast infections, nothing. It feels healthy and natural, and when used for oral sex it feels completely edible.

The only similar good experience I had was using E. V. Olive Oil (which leaves smell that I personally don’t enjoy) and with Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (which can’t be used with condoms, since oils degrade condoms). Aloe Cadabra is water-based and can be used with condoms, toys, anything.

Aloe Cadabra won’t leave any stains on your sheets

Being so clean and natural, the Aloe Cadabra lube will simply dry off, if accidentally spilled over your sheets or couch or wherever you’re doing the sex act.

I had this problem forever. Trying to wash out the stains off my sheets. My husband didn’t really care if there are stains, but that’s probably how every man thinks. But for me as a woman of detail, those stains really bothered me. Even at night, in black darkness, I was nervous about lying on the sheets that are stained from those bad lubes we were using prior to finding the Aloe Cadabra on the Lube For Sex website.

This property makes Aloe Cadabra even better in my “clean” eyes. I guess I am neat freak, I really hate seeing things dirty around my house, and with Aloe Cadabra this is possible.

Aloe Cadabra lube feels good and doesn’t become sticky

I hated so much those lubes that dried out quickly and became sticky.

Aloe Cadabra is just the opposite – It is long lasting (for a water-based lube) and when it never gets sticky. Seems they invested time into the formula and improved it to the level that made this product high-class.

Here are a few reviews of customers from, who took their time to write a few words about Aloe Cadabra natural lube.

• Amanda says: After trying a myriad of products, I came across this. It’s natural, non-sticky, and feels like my own moisture — only more. It actually heightens desire. If there’s such a thing as female Viagra, this is it. I enjoy my boyfriend now and can’t get enough.

• Paige says: I rubbed it between my fingers. It feels like a good quality lubricant. I can’t say much for the taste, but the feel is fine. It didn’t get sticky in my hand over time. It was slippery, but it didn’t leave a residue behind. I would recommend the natural one, but not the flavored ones.

• Amazon Customer says: Best lubricant I have ever tried. And the ONLY one, natural or otherwise, that has not caused irritation and/or burning. It lasts a long time, doesn’t get sticky. No weird scent. My mind is at ease knowing it’s all natural and organic too. Just so happy I gave it a shot.

Seems I’m not alone. Many customers seems to be happy with it. And many seem to love how it is natural and that it doesn’t become sticky. It truly is one of the best lubes, if not the best.

By using Aloe Cadabra lube your sex drive will increase

I must admit that my sex drive was extremely low, because of all the problems I was experiencing with prior lubes. And without any lube I was hurting due to my dryness, so again my desire for sex has never been there really.

By trying Aloe Cadabra, I felt for the first time in my life, that sex can be enjoyable for me – a woman with history of chronic vaginal dryness.

Aloe Cadabra lube made me feel like I am able to naturally lubricate myself. Even though that isn’t true, I enjoy sex a lot now. By the way, I also found maca root to have benefits as a natural aphrodisiac. Maybe try black maca powder to improve your sex drive – just a tip!

I have to than Aloe Cadabra. Aloe Cadabra lube made me feel positive about life again, I am not scared of having sex anymore, I know I won’t be hurting during sex, and that I can completely relax and just enjoy.

Aloe Cadabra lube is indeed a fantastic one. I’ll keep on using it in the future, worked for me for 2 months already and I believe I’ll stick to this one for a long time.

If there are women reading this with similar problems (or perhaps men, with sensitive penis skin problems), I hope my article will provide some useful information. I believe that anyone who tries Aloe Cadabra will stick to it and won’t go for another lube in near future.

Aloe Cadabra is astonishing, ingredient-friendly and it helped me through the tough times related to my vaginal dryness. Thank you. And thank you all for reading my guest post at titled Aloe Cadabra Lube – 5 Astonishing Facts About Aloe Cadabra.

best lube - aloe cadabra
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