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Hello, and welcome to our About Us page, where you can learn a bit more what this websites purpose is.

The establishment of this website was made in 2019 by 3 friends. It’s quite a funny story how we came up with the idea for creating this website in the first place (more on this later). We are all writing enthusiasts, we love all kinds of topics, and we hate seeing badly written content all over the word wide web. That’s why we are going to make sure, that our readers will have access to the best stuff only. We are pleased to bring you quality content on personal lubricants and similar sex-related topics.


How the idea for this website came to reality?

lubeforsex.com idea to reality best lubricants personal lubes

One day we were chatting about some kinky ideas and searching for a way to create a homemade personal lube. We had this specific idea to make a cold-pressed organic coconut oil. Well what we found out was, that none of the websites covered the topic to the depth that would give us all needed information. Some were recipes, some were more benefit oriented, some were “how to use”, etc. None was complete.

After hours of researching different resources someone said: “We should write down all this coconut oil info, or we will be searching like crazy again the next time we’ll need it.”


That’s when the idea came to mind, why not write all this down, but write it on the World Wide Web, and share it with other readers who are searching for similar stuff. This is how Lube For Sex website was born.

Here you will find only top quality, complete articles, covering sex-related topics and everything about personal lubricants, in-depth. You will not need to search through 10 other sites in order to find what you are looking for.


Some main topics we covers:

  • Sex health related topics;
  • Personal lubricants related topics;
  • Water-based lubes;
  • Silicone-based lubes;
  • Oil lubricants (oil-based lubes);
  • Petroleum-based lubricants;
  • Recipes and DIY homemade lubes;
  • How to use lubricants and why (benefits);
  • Foods and diet plans for increasing sex drive;
  • Sex related diseases (HIV, Erectile Dysfunction, etc.);
  • Tips and expert advice for improving your sex life;
  • Product reviews.

We are at this point also accepting guest writers. So if you would like to apply to lubeforsex.com, visit our Write For Us page, where you will find all the needed information to start. The main criteria for publishing your article is the quality and the value it brings to our readers.


The main objective of Lube For Sex website?

“Giving our readers value-added content on improving sex life and sharing sexual health recommendations.”

What we do has a simple formula. First we do a research for what kind of questions people are seeking answers. Based on our research we target a specific topic. We make deep analysis of that topic and write the hell out of it, with the main purpose of creating valuable content which will answer every question that our readers may have.


What is a comment based article?

Comment based articles are those that are started by our readers’ comments. If a reader recommends us a certain topic to cover, or asks a question which is relevant, we may create an article based on that comment. These types of articles are especially valuable because they directly answer questions our readers have. So, don’t be shy and leave us a comment on what you would like us to write about in our next posts.


Contact Us

If you have any question, recommendation, maybe a critique (we accept that everyone has a room for improvement) you should contact us. Do not spam, we have a black-list words setup, which means that any spam mail, will be deleted automatically. Introduce yourself and tell us how we can help you. We will answer all relevant question in 10 business days.

You may reach us at:  lubeforsex@gmail.com


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