What is a good lube substitute? –> 9 perfect lube alternatives


I just recently thought about what if I ran out of lube?! So, I did my research, thoroughly tested, and came up with 9 perfect (and healthy!) lube alternatives. Now, the question we are aiming to answer is: What is a good lube substitute?

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In this article you will find 9 best solutions that work just as good (or even better) than your favorite lube, which you usually buy in a sex shop or online. The problem with OTC (over-the-counter) lubes is, that they might include chemicals which aren’t beneficial to the health of your sensitive skin – In fact, some of them may even be harmful!

Finding an ingredient-friendly lube can be extremely challenging. That’s why we are here – to help you choose your lube wisely. And today we will give you a few valuable hints on some other options besides the standard OTC lubes. You’ll get helpful information on what is a good lube substitute, and why that is so.

Our lube alternatives are not just good. Most of them are also highly beneficial to the health of your skin. So, let’s have a look at the 9 best and healthiest lube alternatives, and then you can go and attend to some kinky fun straight away ;)

What is a good lube substitute?

  1. Fresh homemade Aloe Vera gel
  2. Cold-pressed coconut oil
  3. Extra-virgin olive oil
  4. Cornstarch homemade lube
  5. Vitamin E oil
  6. Egg whites
  7. Almond oil
  8. DIY plain yogurt
  9. Chinese yam (nagaimo)

I know what you are thinking. Where are stuff like Vaseline, Albolene, baby oil, butter, margarine, etc. They are not on this list, because from the health perspective, these items should never be used as lube!

Our article focus are lube substitutes that are healthy and beneficial to one’s intimate body parts. We will explain in the continuation of this article what are the benefits of each lube substitute on our list.

Here are some interesting reads on stuff that you should never use as lube:

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  • Is Albolene safe to be used as a lube?
  • How good is baby oil as lube?

9 perfect lube alternatives

Okay, we are all set, let’s dive deep into this article’s body, and check each of the 9 lube alternatives, of which we believe should work miracles – both in bedroom, as for your skin.

I honestly hope you’ll enjoy our content. For each lube substitute we will try to provide advantages and disadvantages. This may ease your decision on which lube alternative fits you best.

PS: All these lube alternatives are completely edible, and can be used when trying to conceive or during pregnancy. And none of them promote yeast infection or other similar conditions (on the contrary, some of them fight against such diseases).

Thanks for reading our article, titled: What is a good lube substitute? 9 perfect lube alternatives (from performance and health perspective).

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel As Lube

Aloe Vera Lube

What hides within the Aloe Vera leaves is this amazing pure gel, which has been used for its skin nourishing benefits for centuries. Both, Cleopatra and Nefretete, used fresh Aloe Vera gel as part of their skin care routine. It was believed that this plant’s anti-aging properties contribute to immortality. Our first answer to what is a good lube substitute, has to be Aloe Vera gel.

Aloe Vera – What is a lube?

The gel inside the Aloe Vera leaves. You have to use mature plant (not pups) and scoop the gel out. Here’s how to make your own Aloe Vera lube at home.

Aloe Vera – What are the advantages?

The medicinal properties of Aloe Vera are astonishing and probably the main benefit. Aloe Vera gel is water-based, meaning it can be used in combination with everything (toys, condoms). It is also completely edible and even healthy if ingested.

Aloe Vera – What are the disadvantages?

It tends to dry out quicker than other items on this list. But here this – you don’t need to reapply it once it starts drying out. You simply apply few drops of clean water to the spot and it starts running back again.

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Instead Of Lube

coconut oil for sensual sex acts

Coconut oil is another amazing lube substitute. It has so many uses in beauty care; it is used for treating vaginal dryness, skin softening, hair conditioning … it is also believed to be very healthy if you eat a tea spoon of coconut oil every day. It will help your metabolism and contribute to general health of your body. But keep in mind to always use cold-pressed coconut oil, which is the healthiest.

Coconut oil – What is a lube?

The lube is the oil which is made from coconut kernel (coconut meat). In cold-pressed coconut oil, the process involves fermentation, where temperature never exceeds 48°C (ca. 120°F). Doing it like this, all nutritional value is preserved.

Coconut oil – What are the advantages?

One of the main advantages is definitely how little you can apply, and how long that small amount will last. It is extremely thin, you don’t even know it’s there, and provides for a nice slippery sensation. And on top of all that, it also smells amazing. Did I mention it prevents yeast infections?

Coconut oil – What are the disadvantages?

The only disadvantage with coconut oil is that it can’t be used in combination with condoms. Same goes for all natural oils – oil breaks condoms.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil For A Lube

olive oil as lube for sex

One would never think about using olive oil as lube, am I right? – Well, some may :) Anyway, it is for a fact an amazing skin care product. Applying it anywhere on your body will revitalize your skin. It is also healthy when ingested, so go ahead and use olive oil as a lube alternative. Just make sure it’s extra-virgin and that it’s not infused with anything (like garlic for example)!

Olive oil – What is a lube?

The lube is the oil, which is first pressed from the olives, the fruit of the olive tree. “First pressed” indicates the healthiest form and the highest quality of the oil itself.

Olive oil – What are the advantages?

Again, the long-lasting properties is what makes this lube substitute worthwhile. The scent and flavor are specific but some people love it. Some never will. It comes with great skin nourishing benefits and makes your skin more elastic. It can’t be rinsed of easily so it’s perfect for shower sex. Studies also suggest that olive oil acts beneficial when it comes to male fertility – It increases sperm motility.

Olive oil – What are the disadvantages?

Same as with coconut oil, it can’t be used with condoms. Some people are bothered by the smell.

Homemade Cornstarch Lube

personal lubricant from cornstarch

Another water-based lube is the cornstarch lube, which can be made at home easily in just tens of minutes. It might not carry same skincare valuables as previous 3 lube alternatives, but when asking what is a good lube substitute, we cannot leave cornstarch lube unmentioned. Easy to make, great to use.

Cornstarch lube – What is a lube?

The lube is made from water and cornstarch. The ratio being 2 tea spoons of cornstarch per one cup of water. More cornstarch the thicker the lube will be (use logic).

Cornstarch lube – What are the advantages?

Easy to make, and it provides a nice slippery glide everyone is expecting from the lube. Can be used with your favorite silicone toys. Can also be used with latex condoms. Basically, it can be used with everything.

Cornstarch lube – What are the disadvantages?

It is boiled, so there’s not any special nutritional value here.

Vitamin E Oil As Personal Lubricant

vitamin e oil

Vitamin E oil is known for its astonishing role in skin care. Vitamin E oil is not synthetic. It is natural plant-based oil derived originally from wheat germ oil, but is lately extracted from various plant oils. Triticum Vulgare is mostly used as skin conditioning agent, but is lately very popular also as a dietary supplement. Talking about what is a good lube substitute, we dare to say vitamin E oil is one of the healthiest. So go ahead, apply it, ingest it, or use it for some oral fun.

Vitamin E oil – What is a lube?

The lube is the oil extracted from Triticum Vulgare (wheat germ oil), rich in Tocopherols (organic compounds with vitamin E activity).

Vitamin E oil – What are the advantages?

Number of benefits are associated with vitamin E oil. This applies for dermal application and ingestion of vitamin E. Key advantages are skin revitalization, boosting immune system, cancer prevention, working against heart related conditions, and many more.

Vitamin E oil – What are the disadvantages?

Can’t be used with condoms. Also, lately I’ve started noticing that many products are made from vitamin E derived from soybean oil. That’s alarming because soy is one of the top GMOs (genetically modified organism), which everyone who cares about their health, is trying to avoid.

Are Egg Whites A Good Lube Substitute

egg whites are good for lube

I have to say that this one was hard to test. Because I simply hate raw eggs. Even looking at the egg whites makes me sick. However, that’s just me. Most sources say that nothing in particular could go wrong if you apply raw egg whites to your private parts. That is, if nothing is wrong with the eggs. If you smell anything foul, just don’t go for it. When you’re thinking about what is a good lube substitute, apply same rules as you would with food – if it doesn’t taste good, and if it doesn’t smell right, don’t use it as lube for sex.

Egg whites – What is a lube?

Obviously, you need to separate the egg yolk from the egg white. The white gooey stuff is the lube.

Egg whites – What are the advantages?

I guess the accessibility – It’s not hard to get dozens of those eggs, and make a lube for yourself. The performance is also pretty good, the egg whites do the job – they feel nice and are slippery. Another good thing is that you’ll end up having leftovers of egg yolks, which you can use as you please. Here are some cool recipes for using the egg yolks leftovers. Some homeopathic remedies are associating egg whites with improved fertility. So guys, don’t be surprised if your wife comes with the idea of using egg whites as lube when trying to conceive.

Egg whites – What are the disadvantages?

I’m always a bit panicked about catching salmonella, don’t know if that is justified or not. Everyone’s talking about it, however, I never heard of anyone I know catching it. The other disadvantage that I experienced was, that I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I’m applying a baby chicken to my private parts.

Almond Oil A Healthy Lube Alternative

almond oil

Another healthy natural oil, that you can’t go wrong with if you use it for late night activities. What is a good lube substitute? – Almond oil is definitely one of the best ones. Rich with vitamins A, B, D and E, almond oil is amazing solution for your skin. It absorbs into your skin, providing for a long-term skin soothing effect. It works great as lubricant and skin moisturizer, while also being healthy to eat.

Almond oil – What is a lube?

The oil obtained from seed of the almond fruit. We are here speaking of sweet almond oil. Keep in mind that bitter almond oil is something else.

Almond oil – What are the advantages?

We didn’t mention this at the chapter about coconut oil, but both, coconut and almond oil, won’t stain sheets. Which is kinda great to be honest. Almond oil is very, and I mean very healthy, and long-lasting. It doesn’t dry out easily and it will never get sticky. You may also want to attempt making your own homemade almond oil – all you need is a blender and a bunch of almonds. However, the process is a bit long.

Almond oil – What are the disadvantages?

Same as with other oils, you can’t use it with condoms.

DIY Plain Yogurt Intimate Lubricant

homemade yogurt for vaginal health

The emphasis is on “plain” – Never use yogurt with any sugar or flavors added. Doing that you may catch yeast infection sooner than you’d think. Candida species feed on sugars and sweeteners, and this may end up in an overgrowth of one of the species. And Candida overgrowth result is a yeast infection. That being said, with plain yogurt is just the opposite. It contains Lactobacillus, which are beneficial in preventing and fighting Candida overgrowth. That’s why plain yogurt is one of the best lube alternatives.

Plain yogurt – What is a lube?

The yogurt. If you’d like to make it home by yourself, here’s a great recipe to do it.

Plain yogurt – What are the advantages?

Plain yogurt is a natural probiotic and contains Lactobacillus, which are the type of good bacteria. It prevents and fights yeast infection efficiently. As a lube it performs really well, although it can get messy. Besides being edible, it is also very healthy for your skin. Plain yogurt, as a lube, is safe to use with all sexual props and condoms.

Plain yogurt – What are the disadvantages?

The mess you’ll make can be quite frustrating. For me, it didn’t “feel” as good as almond oil for example, but that’s my personal preference.

Chinese Yam (aka “Nagaimo” aka “Dioscorea opposita”)

Chinese yam - Nagaimo - Dioscorea opposita

Chinese yam, is something new to me. But once I heard of it needed to test it and include it in this article about what is a good lube substitute. Chinese yam (also “Nagaimo”, also “Dioscorea opposita”) is one of the most commonly used natural medicine for treating infertility in women. It is said to have positive effects on the female reproductive system, as it is widely used in alternative medicine. However, the structure of this yam, also makes it one of the most perfect lube alternatives.

Chinese yam – What is a lube?

All you have to do is peel of the outer layer of the potato-like-pieces, and grate it. To get even better lube structure you may want to blend it. See here for how to.

Chinese yam – What are the advantages?

As we already mentioned, it works beneficial regarding fertility. So if you’re trying to conceive maybe try this method (along with the yellow maca root). Chinese yam provides soothing effect to your skin, and works well as a lubricant. It can be used with toys and condoms.

Chinese yam – What are the disadvantages?

A bit similar to the yogurt scenario, the outcome may get a little messy. So make sure to cover your sofa with some sort of protection before you start experimenting with this.

The bottom line: What is a good lube substitute?

healthiest lube alternatives

I’d like to thank you at this point for staying until the very end. Hope you enjoyed our article on the best and the healthiest lube alternatives. These alternatives are certainly a lot healthier than 95% of commercially available lubricants.

Why do we say that? Because if you are not familiar with the chemistry, it’s hard to recognize an ingredient-friendly lube. Many lubes available on the market may include one of the below ingredients, which are harmful to your health:

  • parabens [methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.]
  • formaldehyde releasers [dmdm hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, etc.]
  • glycerin [ingredient associated with yeast infections]
  • artificial flavors [make lube sticky and can cause yeast infection]
  • butylphenyl methylpropional [toxic fragrance ingredient]
  • propylene glycol [irritant and a suspect to causing allergic contact dermatitis]
  • and the list goes on…

And this is why we’re here. To help you avoid such products that can cause severe irritations, allergic reactions, and vaginal infections … in the long run, god forbid, perhaps even cancer.

All recommendations that you’ll find on our blog, are absolutely safe, ingredient-friendly, and are chosen by the criteria of health and performance.

For the end, here’s also our video about which household items can be used as lube featuring even more ideas for the best lube alternatives that you can find at home.

Source: LFS YouTube channel

Within this article, titled what is a good lube substitute? 9 perfect lube alternatives, we wanted to present some of the best items that may be stored somewhere around your house, and of which you can a good use when it comes to sex.

All of them are healthy, all of them are edible, and all of them will provide that slippery feeling that you’re seeking for.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve found your answer to What is a good lube substitute? Take care and stay in love!

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