3 Awesome Sex Lube Tips – How To Use Lube For Sex (kinky)


So, you want to make your sex life more fun, add an extra spark to your bed activities? If you came here in search for some awesome kinky ideas on how to use lube for sex, you’ve come to the right place.

We have gathered here for you 3 awesome sex lube tips, which you and your partner can use at any time, any place! We even covered solo play for sensational orgasms while experimenting alone.

  • Why should I use lube for sex?
  • Can sex-lubes increase my sexual desire?
  • Is using personal lubricants safe? Could I get a skin rash, or other type of allergic reaction maybe?
  • What are the best sexy kinky ways to try using lube for sex?

Before reading our “sex lube tips” article any further, you should also check our welcome page, where we already covered some interesting lube for sex benefits and fascinating facts about sex lubes.


How To Use Lube For Sex – Awesome Kinky Ideas For Better Sex

Personal lubricants (lubes for sex) are by most people considered a choice, only when your partner is having problems experiencing some kind of pain during penetration. But this is so WRONG.

Lubes can (and SHOULD) be used for spicing up your sex life! There are no limits to using lube as an addition to your kinky sexual activities. Lube for sex is a great, inexpensive and healthy sex accessory, great for all sorts of naughty activities. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest sex lube tips for having sensational sex experience.

By the way, do you want to learn how to make your own lube for sex? Check here for a recipe on our homemade DIY 100% organic coconut Sex lube.


Sex Lube Tip 1 – Use Lube As Massage Oil To Relax Your Partner Before Having Sex

lube for sex - use lube for oil massage before sex

When was the last time you gave her (or him) a nice oily massage, before making love?

Massage as an activity can be highly stimulating for both partners. At Lube For Sex, we highly recommend using lube for giving your partner a perfect sensual massage.


There are scientific records proving that both parties involved in this process, will get additional sex appeal towards one another.

Sensual Massage Sex Lube
Giving your partner an oily massage will boost libido for both of you

If you are a man reading this, imagine massaging your partners body – all the way from shoulders to her toes. After a nice body massage, start focusing on her upper thighs maybe, and make her go insane by playing with her clitoris.

Make her turn around and massage her breasts with both hands. One hand may go down to her vagina, gently rubbing it. If she is lying in the height of your penis, she can give you oral, while you’re still working her with your hands.

I’m getting in the mood from just writing this down… imagine how hot is the real life experience of doing an oily massage – On a late Saturday evening, when your mind isn’t filled with worries, and both of you just want to relax and have an amazing sex.


I believe also ladies can relate to this massage technique and create sexy atmosphere prior to having sex. Let your partner lay down. Use handcuffs or tie him down to the bed (this will create additional adrenaline for both of you). While massaging his body with lube, make sure to go very near his penile region with your hands, but don’t touch it! Torture him by ignoring the penis. And after some time, slowly start focusing on his hero… gently tease it, touch it, rub it. You’ll make him go crazy. Slowly licking the head will provide an additional stimulation.

But don’t let him achieve orgasm! You don’t want him to finish just yet. You still need his hero for your own orgasm, so make sure he doesn’t finish during your sensual massage foreplay.


You can become even better at your massage skills by reading the article on 31 most erogenous zones of human body. There are many spots on human body, which you probably never thought of being sexually stimulating. Did you know that the area behind the knee is especially sensitive? Focus on that area when you’re gonna try your next sex-lube massage.


Recommendation (link to Amazon) –> Passion: our favourite sensual massage lube. Natural and highly valued by its users – made from Almond & Jojoba oil.


Sex Lube Tip 2 – Give Your Sex Partner A Mind-Blowing Oral With Lube

Mind blowing oral - blowjob

Lubricants can be an excellent addition for oral sex activities.

First time hearing this? Yes, lubes can be an excellent addition to your oral sex activities. Use of lubricants is not limited only to vaginal and anal sex. It might sound strange, but it’s a fact that both women and men, are enjoying oral sex treatment in a higher level when using a good, natural lube.

While oral sex can be very enjoyable – some even prefer it over the main part (penetration sex) – it is far from being just an enjoyable act. Oral sexual activities are proven to have great amount of health benefits and are actually very good for your body and mind. Check out the linked article to see how oral sex is not just good, but good for you and how you can improve your health by practicing oral sex regularly.


3 key health benefits of oral sex:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety – Sperm contains certain chemicals such as cortisol, oxytocin and estrogen. Women giving oral sex, are prone to having less stressful and happier life. Sperm has a high level of nutrition, vitamins and might taste different each time, based on what your man ate and drank that day.
  • Prevents development of preeclampsia – High blood pressure during pregnancy can be treated very effectively by digesting some of your mans seamen. Some girls might find this idea repulsing but this is the best solution for your health. Before running to the first pharmacy located in your town getting pills, try natural (health proven) methods first.
  • Preventing prostate cancer – 1 out of 6 men are bound to get prostate cancer at some point of their life. One million people worldwide are diagnosed with this type of cancer every year. Studies show that receiving oral sex reduces the chance of getting prostate cancer.

How To Use Lube For Oral SexTips for Women

Aloe Vera Natural Lube For Oral Sex
Click the image to visit Aloe Cadabra on Amazon.

Sometimes women use saliva to naturally lube their partners penis. The hand and the lips travel easier up and down man’s penis when it’s nicely lubed.

What you could try instead of using saliva, is applying some real, natural lube to your lips before going down on your partners penis. The sensation for him will be mind-blowing and your lips won’t get dry and “tired”.

Also, try this hot oral sex lube technique: Lay him down in bed facing up. While he is lying (do not touch his penis yet), gently put some lube on his penis – tiny little drops, drop by drop… You should make this process really slow. After there is enough lube on his penis, gently use your fingernails to travel up and down his penis. And only after doing all that, start using your hands and mouth (he should be begging you by now).

There are tons of other methods that can also be very enjoyable, healthy and tasty. But we can’t cover all of them within this article.

What is your favorite flavor? There are many flavored lubes on the market – strawberry, vanilla, peppermint, piña colada, you name it… There are certain types of flavored oral sex lubes available, that can be used by both partners (her or him) and are completely edible. But the rule that applies here is; no flavor usually means more natural. My choice therefore is no flavor, because I give all natural high priority (I do not like putting chemicals and other irritant stuff to my body).


The image above shows an example of natural oral sex lubricant, which is actually flavorless and has some good reviews on Amazon. Customers seem to have great experience with Aloe Cadabra sex lube, and some are saying that this is the best water-based lube they’ve ever tried – the amount of organic aloe (aloe barbadensis leaf gel) in this lube is 95% – 97%, which is very high indeed.

I must confess that I haven’t tried this exact lube yet, but I’ll order and test it in near future. My research has gotten me to a conclusion, that Aloe Cadabra natural aloe sex lube, just might be your top choice if you are searching for something natural and of good quality for your oral sexual activities. Aloe Cadabra is FDA approved and NSF organic, which builds additional trust. So, give it a try if you like.


How To Use Lube For Oral SexTips For Men

There is no dilemma about whether women enjoy getting oral. Stimulating her clitoris with your tongue and using fingers on her “G spot” can bring to the most sensational orgasm of her life. If you want to learn a few tricks on how to do it even better, continue reading.

vulva - use lube to stimulate erogenous spots of vagina

To be able to give her best possible orgasm, one should first understand the anatomy of vulva region. Vulva is an external part of female genitalia and there are several erogenous spots that you should know of.

Let us first make clear which part of a female private part, makes a woman naturally wet – those are the Bartholin’s glands. They are a bit bigger than your average pea, and are producing mucus (a fluid that naturally moistens and lubricates the vaginal cavity).

Most importantly, if her body is not able to naturally lubricate itself, you may want to use lube. There are number of factors why she might not be able to get wet – ranging from her mood, to stress, estrogen level, etc. A small tube of organic lubricant can change that, and make her want you and most importantly, fully enjoy the intercourse herself.

Do not focus on her orgasm from the start. Take your time. Be gentle, be slow. Cuddle her, worship her entire body – let her relax. Many men skip this part because they think it’s just some lame stuff that you can skip. No! Most women need the initial gentle foreplay, kissing and cuddling to get relaxed and “in the mood”. Woman’s orgasm largely depends on her mood.

After the initial cuddling, don’t go down between her legs just yet. You should kiss her and caress her, focusing on other female erogenous zonesher neck, lips, breasts, thighs,… Those are all parts that you should never forget to attend to.

use lube for sex for fingering and oral sex - tips for men

If you haven’t applied lube all over her yet, you should wait no longer. Go between her legs, apply some lube, and start giving her a time of her life. Do not go straight for the G spot – Gräfenberg spot is located inside of vagina, under her belly, about 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) inside. First go for external parts, use your fingers and tongue, be gentle. Try focusing on labia (vaginal lips) and on clitoris before penetrating her with fingers.

When you see she is in a dream world, use some additional lube, and go inside her with one of your fingers. Use one finger for some time, going in and out, in and out, … do not forget to use tongue on her clitoris at the same time.

Now it’s time for some serious fingering! Go for two fingers, two hands technique (you are gonna need some more lube for this part). Sit next to her, go on your knees (she should be lying on her back). With your right hand, you will go for her G spot and make her go insane. Use two fingers, the middle finger and the ring finger – your fingers should be in a similar position as the “rock on” hand gesture. Penetrate her with the middle and the ring finger, while index finger and pinky finger should be directed vertically downwards.

The orgasm you just gave her, had sent her into heaven

Silicone Finger Electric Massage - Finger her pussy
Click the image to visit Silicone Finger Massager on Amazon.

Do not be old-fashioned and try using some sexy accessories when orally pleasing your woman. In a combination with lubricant you can make a good use of several kinky accessories. On the image you can see electric finger massager, which I personally recommend – got one, it’s great! (You may check it out on Amazon by clicking the image).

There are tons of other kinky techniques that we’d like to share with you, but maybe in another article.

So, are you going to try out these oral pleasing technique? Will your partner even allow you to experiment? How will you persuade your partner into receiving oral? And how crazy will all your ideas about sex, lube and new additions appear to your better half?


If you search through our website you will find tons of articles related to lubricants and sexual health. “Lube For Sex” is a place where we focus on answering all your questions and talk about the usage of personal lubricants. Our mission is improving sex-life and sex-health for both men and women by writing exceptional content on sex-related topics.


Sex Lube Tip 3 – Using Lube For Anal Sex (Anal Can Be Enjoyable And Orgasmic)

When there’s anal, there should be lubricant! Here are some recommended sex lube tips to consider when going for anal sex.

“Dry anal” is almost impossible to enjoy. Why? Unlike vaginal sex and oral sex, your anus does not naturally lube itself. Bartholin’s glands take care of mucus being produced inside your vagina. Salivary glands take care of your mouth not being dry. But there is no such gland in your anal canal. This is the key reason one should use lube to enjoy anal sex.

Lube For Anal Sex - Amazing Lube Tips

Choosing proper lube for anal activities, can be time-consuming. There are many factors to consider. We are going to try to give you some directions and advice on how to choose a proper lube for anal sex. If you are an “anal virgin” this article might be especially helpful to you!

Also, see our recommended read titled how does anal feel like where you can read 7 statements made by women about their anal experience.


Anal Sex Requires An Experimental Mindset

Anal still seems like a taboo topic in todays modern world. Somehow people are leaned towards not talking about anal sex, not trying anal, sometimes it seems like a crime to even think about anal!

Why is that? Because anal is not natural? Is it because “babies aren’t made that way”? Or is it because people consider it to be “dirty”?

Just like vaginal sex and oral sex, anal can be enjoyable and shouldn’t be thought of as something bad or dirty or unnatural. There is a nerve system inside your anus that can make anal feel amazing. These nerves can contribute to anal orgasm when all is done right.

The first condition to achieving a good anal sex experience is to set your mind for experimentation. Only experimental mindset can lead you to having good sex overall, not just anal. You have to be focused on trying new stuff in your sex life. This might contribute to a better relationship with your partner because dull sex relationships simply can’t last in a long run.


If Trying Anal For The First Time, Go Slow

So, you decided on going for anal? Our advice: Go slow!

You can’t just go from zero, to having a 6 inch (ca. 15 cm) penis showed into your backdoor. You have to get relaxed, and your partner has to be patient.

You should both properly clean yourself before trying anal. Empty your bowels. Make sure you don’t have any stomach pain. And shower yourself using soap to clean your anus. Sometimes a woman (or a man) gets a shameful feeling of being dirty, and is for that reason unable to relax properly. If you clean yourself and prepare for anal properly, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Have “normal” sex before trying anal. Vaginal sex will loosen your tension and make you feel more relaxed. After you get orgasm from vaginal sex, tell your partner you want it also in the ass – but to be gentle and to go very slow. Tell him to use finger(s) at first – this should relax your sphincter muscles.


Use Tons Of Lube When Going For Anal Action

Lube should be ready right by your side, when going for anal. It should be applied on (and around) the receivers’ anus, and also applied onto the givers’ penis. Don’t worry about using too much – there’s never too much. For anal sex, you should use more lube as it may seem “normal”.

Your partner has to go very slowly inside you. First only a bit, and then progressing gently. This might feel so hot, that it’s possible your partner will ejaculate premature. – But keep training. Anal orgasm is one of the best, most sensual, kinky and amazing thing that one can experience.


Which Lube Is Best For Anal? – Anal Sex Lube Tips

Here you can find lubricants that we find as the best choice when going for anal activities with your sex partner. Our “Sex Lube Tips” article wouldn’t be complete if we hadn’t provided for some concrete solutions to use as a lube during anal.

Below you can find 3 types of personal lubricants which we recommend to use for anal activities (men and women):

  • oil-based anal lube;
  • silicone-based anal sex lube tips;
  • sex lube tips for using water-based personal lubricants;
All Natural Oil-Based Lubes To Use For Anal Sex
anal 100 percent coconut oil for anal sex (oil-based personal lube)
Click the image to visit Shea Moisture Coconut Oil on Amazon.

In case you want to use condoms, DO NOT use Oil-Based personal lubricants. Oil based lubes are prone to dissolving your choice of protection. Oil can destroy latex condoms very easily so be careful which lube you choose when using protection for anal sex.

But oil can be the best choice when there is no protection involved in your anal activities. Oil is the most natural choice, since oils are extracted directly from plants or fruits, and act as a natural preservative. These plants (and fruits) have been proven to have great health benefits for your body.

Shea Moisture 100% Xtra-Virgin Coconut Oil is made from 1 ingredient only – 100% made of cocos nucifera oil.

There are many reasons to why you should use coconut oil as your choice of lube. Not only is coconut oil one of the purest, most natural lubes, good for skin and digestion, it’s also proven that coconut oil successfully fights against yeast infections (candida albicans).

Silicone-Based Anal Lube Made For Best Anal Experience
silicone-based anal lube - penchant premium lube for sex
Click the image to visit Penchant Premium on Amazon.

Silicone-based lubes are perfect choice for many (anal) occasions. Silicone-based lubes can be used when using protection (latex condoms). They are perfectly safe and without any chance of latex degradation. Unlike oil-based lubricants, silicone-based lubes will not dissolve your condom.

There is another great thing about silicone-based lubes: You can use them for “shower sex”, since they do not wash off that easily. You need soap to wash off a silicone lube.

Silicone-based lubes are good for sensitive skin. It’s very rare that one might get an allergic reaction, or skin rash from silicone-based type of lube. We recommend you always read and research the ingredients for potential risks to human body, before actually buying the lube.

Silicone-based lubes are also perfect as massage oil, because silicone lubes are long-lasting, and are almost nonabsorbable by human skin. But beware, many sex toys are made of silicone. Silicone-based lubes are not compatible with silicone toys.

Anal Water-Based Lubricants For Clean Anal Penetration
Isabel Fay natural water-based lube for sex
Click the image to visit Isabel Fay on Amazon

Water-based lubes are one of my favorite type. There are quite many benefits of using water-based lubes for anal penetration.


Some key features of water-based lubes you should know about:

  • They do not clot / thicken – Some oil and silicone types of lubes may begin to thicken, transforming into chunks of parts, instead of being smooth and slick. This provides pleasurable and clean sexual experience.
  • They are perfectly safe to use in all types of sex – You may use water-based lube in a combination with all types of sex toys and condoms also (since latex and silicone materials are compatible with water-based lubes).
  • You can wash them off easily – Water lubricants can be washed of with water, without the need of applying additional soap.
  • Water-based lubes are skin absorbable – You might need multiple application during your anal session, because water-based lubes are being absorbed by your skin. Looking from health point of view, this is an advantage. Your skin will be healthier due to absorbing all the vitamins and natural content ingredients contained in this lube.

The only downside of a water-based lube is that it tends to dry out quicker than silicone or oil based lubes. Some manufacturers add in glycerins or other chemicals to make them last longer. But I do not recommend using those. Simply just reapply if needed.


Key Features Of Anal Sex Lubricants (Data Table)

 Oil-Based LubesSilicone-Based LubesWater-Based Lubes
Safe to use with condoms?No (may destroy condom)YesYes
Recommends: Go to Amazon -->Shea Moisture 100% Xtra-Virgin Coconut OilPenchant Premium Silicone-Based LubeIsabel Fay Natural Lube
Compatible with sex toys?Can be used with toys, except those made of latex.Can not be used in combination with silicon made toys (most of them).Can be used with all toys (all materials).
Cool facts?It may clot (beads up) when in a combination with water.Great to use for "shower sex" since it doesn't clot nor wash off easily.Instead of applying more, you can reinvigorate it by applying water to yours or your partners body parts.
How to clean up after?Use soap + water to wash of oil-based lube.Use soap + water to wash of silicone-based lube.Water-based lube is easy to clean with water only.

Sex Lube Tips: Final Conclusion

It may seem to some people lubricants are only used for health related purposes.

But as we wrote this article on “3 awesome sex lube tips”, we have learned and revealed some of the hottest and the most exotic, kinky ways to use lube for bringing your fantasies into the most enjoyable acts of reality.


Whether your preference is foreplay, oral sex or anal sex, we’ve covered basic information on:

  • using lube for massage as a sensual foreplay activity;
  • using sex lubes during oral edging fun (for men and women);
  • tips for anal sex, including most suitable lubes for your anal sex sessions.

We have gathered some of the best quality, natural and thoroughly tested lubricants you can use in order to realize your sex acts.


But we know some of you just don’t want to buy any of the recommended items. Do not worry, we have here a DIY recipes you can use to make your own lube at home –> 4 amazing homemade DIY sexual lubricants, in which we cover every detail and complete recipe for creating your own natural lube for sex. We recommend this article highly for anyone who prefer a DIY homemade approach.

You should also note that we only recommend verified items that are FDA approved and tested not only by us, but also thousands of other users, with an average user rating above 4 (out of 5). That’s how we maintain our recommended articles portfolio of the highest quality at all times. Lubes you find on our website are safe to use, and natural. Not only that, items we recommend are health beneficial, since we always analyze content ingredients of each lube into detail.


Finally, we’d like to thank you for reading lubeforsex.com. And if you like our content, come back – we publish new articles weekly.


Lubes are a perfect sexual addition for everyone to enjoy their sex acts to full potential


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