12 amazing benefits of Maca root


If you’ve stumbled across this article you’ve probably already heard of the magical powder that can be made from the maca root. In this article we will present 12 amazing benefits of maca root. This Peruvian plant, which grows in high altitudes of the Andes mountains, has plenty of benefits to it. We bet that you probably aren’t aware of them all. Therefore, we are going to present, not just few, but 12 benefits of the maca root, which can serve as a guide for improving various aspects of your life.

From sexual wellness, boosting one’s libido, to fertility and health issues… maca can be the source for naturally improving not just the mentioned areas, but so much more. As with anything we put in our stomach, there is of course limitation to dosage, and there can be side effects. Thus, it is even more important that you follow every guideline that is shared within this article, titled 12 amazing benefits of Maca root. We hope you enjoy your read.

Basic facts about the maca root:

• Maca (Lepidium meyenii) grows in Peru (Andes) and also in Bolivia. It can be grown in areas as high as 14,108 feet (ca. 4,300 m) altitude [1].

• Grinding the maca root makes for a fine powder, and this is how maca is usually added to foods. It can however come in other forms as a final product (gel, liquid, capsules, …).

• Maca root comes in 3 grades as a source (3 types of maca root) – red, black and yellow. Red considered rarest, black also known as “natural Viagra” and yellow having the abilities of hormone balancing and thought to be great for fertility [2].

• The recommended dosage to begin with is 3 gram (1 teaspoon) per day, and you should be able to add a bit more with time (but no more than 9 grams = 3 teaspoons) [3].

• Sources are recommending to avoid maca a) during pregnancy, b) if you are breast feeding, c) if you have/had any condition that might get worse by exposure to estrogen (endometriosis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and other hormone-sensitive conditions) [4]

• Maca is a plant which has been an element of numerous scientific studies, and it is science that confirmed a hefty share of maca’s beneficial effects to a persons well-being discussed in this article continuation.

Now that we’ve learned a few basics about the maca root, let us jump straight into the heart of the article and take a good look at each, and every one of the 12 amazing benefits of Maca root. PS: we’ve already spoken of maca in the article Revolutionary Sex (secrets to better sex). Perhaps you should take a look if you’re interested in the topic.

types of maca root - red yellow black
3 types of the Maca root – red, yellow and black – each one with its own benefits

Maca benefit 1 | Maca for diabetes

Maca has been recently connected as being beneficial to treating type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is usually triggered in patients who are over 35 years of age. While type 1 is the one that usually affects children.


Here is an excerpt from the 2018 study which used aqueous extract of black maca (AEM) as a material for treatment:

“Metabolism disorder are major symptoms in several pathological phenomena, like atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. AEM intervention significantly improved metabolism disorder by regulating the glycolysis/gluconeogenesis-TCA cycle pathway and via modulating the expression levels of genes involved in the PPARα signaling pathway. Thus, AEM has the potential to be a dietary supplement for preventing or at least slowing lipid and glucose metabolism disorder progression.”

The findings of this study were based on the results, gathered by experiments performed on hamsters. The study concludes, that these results were promising, however the topic should be an element of additional studies in order to confirm the beneficial effects of maca.


Maca is believed to be helpful for the distribution of the insulin (hormone). Making cells become more sensitive to insulin effects. This can result in having more stabilized levels of glucose in blood.

None of the studies proves that maca can actually heal diabetes, but there are suggestions, that maca can be used for controlling the disease.

Maca as a treatment for diabetes is therefore our number 1 pick on the list of 12 amazing benefits of Maca root.

benefits of Maca root - natural viagra

Maca benefit 2 | Boosting your libido (natural Viagra)

In the 2nd place on “12 amazing benefits of Maca root” list, is the aphrodisiac effect that comes with taking maca. Maca is known as a “natural Viagra” due to its fascinating results of empowering persons libido. Again, this claim can be substantiated by a study.

This 2002 study, has been researching the effect of maca (Lepidium meyenii) on sexual desire with men aged 21 to 56. According to the study, there were groups divided by one of the groups should receive placebo (the control group and the other should be getting the real maca.

In week 8 to 12 since the start of the treatment, men who were receiving real maca dosage, have started showing effects of increased sexual arousal. Here’s an excerpt from the 2002 study:

“Logistic regression analysis showed that Maca has an independent effect on sexual desire at 8 and 12 weeks of treatment, and this effect is not because of changes in either Hamilton scores for depression or anxiety or serum testosterone and oestradiol levels. In conclusion, treatment with Maca improved sexual desire.”


It is interesting that maca did not affect levels of testosterone and oestradiol. Seems that regardless of not having any correlation with affecting hormones such as testosterone and oestradiol, maca had its independent effect on male libido.

I am myself a “non-believer” in all this mumbo jumbo. I am the last person to believe anything about “super secret side effects of super secret magical foods and plants etc”… but maca is the real thing! – and I speak from personal experience.

Couldn’t believe it myself. I would like to link you to a discussion, in which male and female people talk about their personal experience with maca as an aphrodisiac. You can find the discussion at coach.me and see what people are saying about maca.

Maca for erectile dysfunction - ED

Maca benefit 3 | Maca for ED (erectile dysfunction)

One of the many benefits of maca root, is the astonishing effect which maca has as a miracle plant for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Men are suffering from ED due to all kinds of different reasons – some can be of physical nature (medication side effects, nerve damage, Peyronie’s disease, …), while others source from psychological / mental disorders (stress, insecurity, traumatic events, …)

Regardless of the cause for ED, maca has been shown to have positive effects as a treatment. Here’s an excerpt from 2010 systematic review on benefits of maca root on sexual dysfunction: “The further RCT (randomized clinical trials) assessed the effects of maca in patients with erectile dysfunction using the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction-5 and showed significant effects.”


Here’s a true story of an event that happened to one of our members / writers. When he was 26, he had a car crash, and since the accident he was having issues with his penis getting hard. He told me, that first he thought it might be a temporary problem, but later realized it’s not getting any better.

After 2 years of trying bunch of medical treatments he went for alternative methods. For his routine treatment he used 3 elements, of which he says all are essential and equally beneficial for treating ED:

  • black maca root powder,
  • aloe vera [5] freshly squeezed gel from the aloe leaves,
  • and doing Kegel exercises.

He told me he almost gave up after one week, but continued doing his routine regardless. 1st: Making himself a shake from a combination of fruits (kiwi, banana, lemon and orange), and adding in the mix maca powder. 2nd: Massaging his penis with aloe gel for about 15 minutes. 3rd: doing Kegels for about 15-20 minutes. He told me that in week 3 he started to feel “changes”.

After few months of treating himself according to described method, he was able to have normal sex again. And by the age of 29, he was fully healed. It is an amazing and emotional story to listen. And this story does in-fact put maca in the spotlight as a beneficial plant for treating erectile dysfunction.

benefits of Maca root - treating infertility

Maca benefit 4 | Maca as treatment for infertility

An excerpt from 2012 study: “Scientific evidence showed effects on sexual behaviour, fertility, mood, memory, osteoporosis, metabolism, and the treatment of some tumour entities. However, the active principles behind each effect are still unknown.”

We can see from the above excerpt from the study, that maca is mentioned in the study as being beneficial to fertility.


How does maca treat infertility in men? According to webmd.com there is strong evidence that maca can be beneficial to sperm count in men, thus increasing fertility in men. Maca is also known as “stress reducer”, and it is known [6] that stress is a major factor, when it comes to making babies and healthy pregnancy.

How does maca treat infertility in women? With women, it has been shown, that maca contributes to the balance of hormonal levels – especially estrogen and progesterone. Unbalanced hormones, high / low peaks at the wrong time, can be the cause of woman being unable to conceive. While also posing a threat as a potential cause for other health issues.


We can see that maca works as a fertility booster for both, men and women. Again we can see that the power of this root is indeed truly fascinating.

I did some digging across forums and found a topic, where a woman (OP) is asking about the effects of maca on fertility. She and her husband were not able to conceive till 8th cycle.

• Here’s a reply by maggie81111: “A friend of mine has endometriosis and PCOS. She actually recommended this supplement to me, as her doctor recommended it to her. She’s been TTC for 5 months and just got her BFP!

• And after 1 month the OP replies: “Just an update. This was my first month using maca and after 8 months TTC we finally got our BFP! Going to the doctor today to confirm!”


Coincidence? Pure luck? Or does maca actually increase chances of getting pregnant? – By the way, I can see many person take pills as dosage. Our advice is, to always go for fresh root and grinding it into powder. It is the most natural and organic way to consume maca.

Maca’s effect on fertility stands as 4th in the line of 12 amazing benefits of Maca root.

amazing benefits of Maca root FOR DEPRESSION

Maca benefit 5 | Maca for depression

There are lots of articles to be found online, which claim that maca is beneficial as depression treatment. However, can these claims of various unsubstantiated articles be proved?

We did a research and found that several scientific studies found, that indeed patients who were receiving maca were shown to improve their mental health, fighting depression successfully, compared to patients receiving placebo (control group).

Here’s one study, performed in 2014, researching benefits of maca root (Lepidium meyenii) for treating depression in postmenopausal women. Let’s take a look at the excerpt from the study:

“There were no differences in estradiol, FSH, TSH, SHBG, glucose, lipid profiles and serum cytokines amongst those who received Maca as compared to the placebo group; however, significant decreases in diastolic blood pressure and depression were apparent after Maca treatment.”


Even though maca is said to be a hormonal balancer, the above study was not able to prove that. However the study did prove that Chinese women, who were part of the study, had been affected by maca – The most notable effects being reduced blood pressure and reduced depression level.

Most commonly people suffer from depression due to:

  • Negative life changes and stressful events;
  • Medication and substance abuse;
  • Age (older people are more common to suffer from depression);
  • Social relationships (people without social contacts tend to be depressed);
  • Various health issues can trigger depression (thyroid problems, heart disease, etc.);
  • Trauma and loss of bellowed ones (grief is a very common cause of depression).

Even though benefits of maca root can be linked to having a positive effect on treating depression, person should also be aware of the root cause and try to reestablish his / her life back on track. Everyone should have goals, new challenges and the will to live.

A person has to make changes in his / her life to change his current situation, which may currently be dark if you are suffering from depression. Starting to take maca and starting to plan your everyday tasks, is good way to start.

maca for insomnia (how to get some sleep with Maca root)

Maca benefit 6 | Overcoming insomnia (maca for sleep)

Let’s take a look if one of the benefits of maca root is also related to treating insomnia. Can maca make you once again get a proper sleep? – Taking maca for sleep.

If you’ve ever had insomnia, you know just how problematic it can be. You are constantly tired, without any energy, but when you lay in bed you are unable to sleep.

Going through each day is a challenge. And when on the road in a car, you find yourself feeling drowsy behind the wheel. Although you may not admit it, you are having microsleeps while driving. Risking your life and the life of others. It is impossible to keep focus.

Your colleagues are starting to ask you questions, such as “Hey, how are you? You look tired, everything ok?”, and “Looking a little pale lately, are you sick?” – And while you know it yourself that you probably look like sh*t, you just won’t admit it, and start thinking up stories telling everyone that everything is perfectly fine.


We’ve found a study, which mentions benefits of maca root for overcoming insomnia. Here’s an excerpt:

“Maca may be a valuable non-hormonal plant preparation for balancing levels of hormones (FSH, E2, PG and ACTH) and alleviating negative physiological and psychological symptoms (frequency of hot flushes, incidence in night sweating, interrupted sleep pattern, nervousness, depression and heart palpitations) experienced by women in perimenopausal stage.”


Your insomnia issues may be fixed by taking 3 – 9 grams of powdered maca per day. We advise to take it in the morning by adding it to your smoothie. Make yourself a vitamin rich smoothie, from whichever fruit you prefer.

Our favorite combination is mix of orange, kiwi, lemon, banana with the maca addition. It is vitamin rich, energizing potion that will give you energy through the day, and make you sleep like a baby through the night.


You can also check this recommended article for best recipes on how to take maca powder. You’ll get tons of ideas on how to prepare your maca dish to make out the highest proportion of benefits of maca root. Overcoming insomnia is the 6th out of 12 amazing benefits of Maca root.

maca root for bigger butt

Maca benefit 7 | Maca for curves (bigger bust & butt)

Benefits of maca root seem to have no end. Do you know if any of your friends are taking maca for naturally enlarging their breasts or butt? Maca is shown to have great effect on the size of bust and butt. You can most certainly use this powder to achieve bigger bust and butt.

Your ass can become gorgeous by adding maca to your diet, although merely taking maca won’t do the trick. You should also do exercises for achieving results you desire.

User on a lipstickalley.com forum says: “My hips got bigger but it wasn’t weight gain it just redistributed weight from my waist.” – So it seems maca will not make you gain weight. Some users on that same forum also say that maca made them have diarrhea, which can be the early effect of taking maca, since your body is not used to it. This should fix if you take it regularly. If the problem continues, you probably have a problem and should stop taking it.


Maca enlarges your booty, due to its effect of promoting estrogen. Women with higher estrogen level, store more fats to their woman body parts (hips, butt, breasts,…). For best results you should combine maca and fitness exercises for booty enlargement. Here are few tips (click the link to see presentation of each exercise):


And here’s a maca recipe for getting busty with fitness exercises for breast enlargement. I bet there’s not a single woman out there that would be against upgrading her bust a bit. To get bigger and firmer breasts you can combine maca and fitness exercises. Below are the tips (click the link to see presentation of each exercise):


Doing these exercises along with taking maca, results are guaranteed. The hardest part is to start, but once you get into it, it becomes really addictive. Therefore, remember to not overdo it. You should do these exercises maximum 5 times a week. Again, do not overdo it.

boost energy with maca root

Maca benefit 8 | Increase stamina and energy throughout the day

Maca is popular amongst athletes, due to its effect of providing energy and stamina. Stamina and endurance are key elements also needed in business and working career. So if you are ambitious, or possibly a job addict, you should consider taking maca to keep up productivity and effectiveness of your work.

A 2015 study, researching benefits of maca root in a study titled effects of macamides on endurance capacity and anti-fatigue property, found that maca has been greatly beneficial for stamina and endurance in mice.

What are macamides? – Macamides are bioactive components of the maca root (Lepidium meyenii), which are believed to be beneficial to a wide range of human health factors.

The 2015 study focused on analyzing these macamides: N-benzyllinoleamide, N-benzyloleamide, and N-benzylpalmitamide. Groups of mice were than divided according to each macamide, plus the control group. After 14 days of receiving maca, mice were put on endurance test of an exhaustive 90 minute swimming. After 21 days, mice were killed immediately after the endurance swimming test, to get the most accurate measures of certain indicators (oh, the cruelty). Study also shown that maca works very good vs fatigue.


Anyway, here’s an excerpt from the study, which concludes that macamides did provide for increased stamina and that maca does indeed possess beneficial properties for increasing energy.

Compared with the control group, exhaustive swimming time was significantly prolonged in high-dose group of N-benzyloleamide. The results indicate that N-benzyloleamide has pharmaceutical property against exercise-induced fatigue, and this effect can be explained by the modulated energy metabolism and improved antioxidant status.


Most people consider coffee to be the source of their “energy”. Drinking coffee in the morning to wake up and start your day effectively, might not be the best solution. Although, a cup of black coffee (without sugar, milk, or cream) per day is recommended and considered healthy.

Anyway, you might reconsider the coffee and start daily routine of maca diet. Remember – when we talk about the benefits of maca root, we have in mind the organic powder, ground up from the maca root. We believe it to be the best, most natural and with highest nutrition value. Gelatinized maca, and maca supplements might not be the best solution.

maca for bad mood to make you feel good

Maca benefit 9 | Improve your mood

Those rainy days can be a real mood killer sometimes. But you can change having this bad day quite simply by taking some maca. Benefits of maca root have been shown to affect mood, and there are studies supporting this especially those related to treating depression, anxiety and mood in menopausal women.

We can find on the elitedaily.com that maca comes with these next benefits in general, where you can see that “mood” is mentioned as one of the benefits of maca root: “[Maca] may benefit our hormonal health by regulating the endocrine system — the collection of glands that produce hormones to regulate metabolism, growth, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood.”


I still remember when I was young my grandma would prepare me these “potions”, which I had no idea of what they were made of. All I knew is that my grandma was the best. She was the most loving, sweetest human being and the best cook. I have never eaten better in a restaurant, compared to what my grandma was able to prepare for dinner.

The potions I mentioned, I later found out to be various mixes of herbs, or fruits, or vegetables. And the constant element was an addition of the maca powder. I was told that my grandma usually used yellow maca root, which she single-handedly ground into a powder. I remember my cocoa having this weird taste when I drank it – it had maca added to it. It tasted a bit nutty. I liked it.

Plenty of times I was down, in a bad mood, can’t say depressed, but somedays I just wasn’t feeling good about myself. Grandmas’ potions and her love, talking to her – these were the things that always changed my day to better. She really knew a medicine for everything, and not once used a pharmaceutical product. It was always natural, mostly herbs. Too bad I didn’t pick up more of her skills.


Anyway, if you’re wondering what to take to enlighten your sad day, please do not go for antidepressant or any other form of over-the-counter pills, which are said to enhance mood. There are so many healthier, working methods for achieving this. And benefits of maca root have strong connecting with enhancing your mood. Try it.

menopause symptoms

Maca benefit 10 | Maca for perimenopause symptoms

Perimenopause symptoms can be an issue with women, starting after their 40’s – 50’s. Menopause is diagnosed when you’ve gone for 12 months without period. According to mayoclinic.org the average age in US is 51 years – the average age for menopause to happen to a woman.

Perimenopause is the time frame leading to menopause. This can be months or sometimes even years prior to an actual occurrence of menopause.


Some of the symptoms, which a woman might experience during the perimenopause, include:

  • Vaginal dryness;
  • Irregular period;
  • Sagging breasts;
  • Sleep problems;
  • Sudden mood changes;
  • Sometimes even depression.

You can already see, that many of these symptoms were covered in the previous chapters of our article about maca root benefits. Therefore it is already quite clear that maca can contribute as beneficial element for women who are in perimenopause.


The thing with maca is, that maca is not a “hormone stimulating” plant. Yes, we’ve written about estrogen and how maca is good for promoting estrogen in previous chapter (and indeed maca does change your hormone levels), but you need to understand that maca is “hormone balancing”, rather than “hormone stimulating”. – This means that regardless of your gender or age, taking maca will result in a proper hormonal levels, which has incredible effect on the health of an individual.

You can read on goop.com, where questions about perimenopause are answered by Maggie Ney, N.D. She clearly answers to the question “what can be done to mitigate perimenopause symptoms” with a range of natural herbs. And guess which one she recommends as the first one in the line? – Maca. Other plants / herbs she mentions for treating perimenopause symptoms include: black cohosh; dong quai; a blend of Angelica gigas (root); phlomis umbrosa (root); and Cyanacum wilfordii (root); rhapontic rhubarb.


Therefore, perimenopause symptoms can be treated with maca root and the amazing benefits that come along with this astonishing Peruvian plant. Perimenopause symptoms were the 10th element on the our list titled: 12 amazing benefits of Maca root, since it’s quite clear maca can do wonders for all the women suffering from it.

maca root for menstrual cycle

Maca benefit 11 | Maca for menstrual cycle (menstrual period)

Intense and painful cramps, hormone induced headaches, and sudden mood changes that seem to be random without any real reason. These are just few symptoms that occur during the menstrual period.

Millions of women are suffering monthly from the above described symptoms. The general outcome being pain, nausea, and generally not feeling well.

It is the endocrine systems function to keep hormonal levels in balance, while also being responsible for many other vital functions in human body. Imbalances in endocrine system are common among women and men, which can be due to various reasons. As a general problem we can point out modern life style, tempo, stress, and unhealthy diet… all these elements have high impact on proper functions of endocrine system.


We’ve previously had a chance to visit various forums and random chit-chats, where women discuss their personal experience with maca. We had noticed that at least one comment per page reported maca being beneficial to cramping intensity, reducing pain of menstrual cramps.

Here are few testimonial of women using maca related to menstrual cycle [source]:

Sep 25, 2018; maca user 1 said: “Crampless, but heavier periods.”

Sep 25, 2018; maca user 2 said: “Love it for my menstrual cycle!”

Sep 25, 2018; maca user 3 said: “Short period but also a shorter cycle 3 days, 24 day cycle.”

Dec 28, 2018; maca user 4 said: “It definitely helped with my periods!”

Oct 3, 2019; maca user 5 said: “Those worked good and they shortened my periods!”


Various sources report of maca benefits for menstrual period symptoms. Maca’s hormonal balancing properties can be extremely helpful with achieving balanced and regular cycles.

Benefits of maca root are highly connected with all sorts of issues caused by improper hormonal balance. Therefore, by helping your endocrine system, one of the benefits of maca root is indeed achieving crampless and unpainful menstrual periods.

Treating Alzheimer's disease with maca

Maca benefit 12 | Treating Alzheimer’s disease with maca

Can maca root be beneficial to treating Alzheimer disease (AD)? Alzheimer disease is one of the most common (and chilling to witness – speaking from personal experience) type of dementia.

I already mentioned my grandma in a previous chapter, and once again I feel I should speak of her. She’s had Alzheimer’s disease – rest in peace grandma.

At the end she didn’t even realize who I was, I had to explain to her for 30 minutes about who am I, what year it is, where she’s located, and similar stuff. And in the next few minutes, she would again forget everything, thinking she’s in year 1950, that grandpa is still alive and that he’ll come back from work anytime now, when in fact he was already dead for like a year.

Maca is said to ease Alzheimer. Maca helps with brain functions and memory. It won’t reverse the disease of course, but even if it helps just a bit, it’s better than nothing.

We’ve stumbled upon this 2012 study, researching medicinal plants values for treating Alzheimer’s disease, which says: “Black maca improves experimental memory impairment, induced by ovariectomy, due in part, to its antioxidant and AChE inhibitory activities. Results demonstrated that black maca can enhance learning and memory in OVX (ovariectomized) mice and this effect might be related, at least in part, to its ability to reduce LPO (Lipid peroxidation) and AChE in OVX mice.”

In the cited systematic review of medicinal herbs, which might be beneficial for slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, benefits of maca are mentioned to be as follows:

  • Enhancing memory;
  • Enhancing learning;
  • Reducing Lipid peroxidation (cell damage);

Yet another comprehensive study published in 2008, confirms, that red, yellow and black maca have been tested and their beneficial properties for improving memory compared. It was established, by this same research, that black maca was shown to have most benefits for enhancing memory.


With maca being helpful to such serious condition as Alzheimer’s disease, we bring our article on maca’s benefits to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading through our content, and we wish you find maca as beneficial to your own problem.

This article, titled 12 amazing benefits of Maca root, explored 12 of the most astonishing beneficial properties of the maca root.

maca root for sexual wellness

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