Sexiest lingerie? 100 men answer what is the sexiest lingerie


Most of us (women) love clothes shopping. And whenever we’re trying on something sexy that is meant to be worn beneath the dress, we pose in front of the mirror, look at ourselves and wonder: “Does wearing these actually make me more attractive, or do I just look plain silly?”

Hi. My name is Natalia, nice to meet you! I have been invited here to write an article and shed some light upon this forever lasting debate about women’s lingerie: What lingerie do men find the sexiest?

Why was I invited here? – Because I actually work in a store that’s selling lingerie and underwear for women. And was once (like 1 year ago) tasked by my boss to make this exact research, so we could better sell our products and stock-up on the sexiest lingerie. Our brand is focused more or less locally, so I did the first thing that came to my mind:

I went to the streets of our city and began asking men 3 specific questions about lingerie:

  • Do men actually find women wearing lingerie sexy?
  • Why is women’s lingerie such a turn on for men?
  • What kind of lingerie do men find to be the sexiest?
sexiest lingerie for women

Each individual who was willing to cooperate had to answer those questions for himself, while I would take notes.

I had to approach 223 men in total to get 100 interviews completed, because many men shied away when hearing that me (woman) was gonna be asking them (men) some “intimate questions”. They would find the strangest excuses, like forgetting to feed their dog and must run home.

Anyway … after 1 week of non-stop interviewing, I finally got to 100 answers (300 actually, because there are 3 questions for each interviewee). I was never tasked with writing a structured report of key findings to my superior, I just briefly told him what most men said, and he was fine with that. I also left him a copy of all my notes.

Therefore, this is my 1st attempt trying to summarize those answers. I was not doing those interviews in vain so that they could just be forgotten. I want to share my findings. I have entitled this article What is the sexiest lingerie? 100 men answer which sexy lingerie turns them on most!

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Do men actually find women wearing lingerie sexy?

Graph 1 : Do men find women wearing lingerie sexy?
Graph 1 – Do men find women wearing lingerie sexy?

Question: “Do men actually find women wearing lingerie sexy”?

  • Answered with “Yes” = 98
  • Answered with “No” = 2

Based on my research, 98 out of 100 men who were asked this question, replied affirmatively saying that sexy lingerie makes a woman more seductive. There seems to be no doubt about this matter. Men indeed do find women wearing lingerie sexier.

It would actually be quite disturbing if my research suggested otherwise. For decades fashion designers have been bashing their heads, putting all efforts into creation of women underwear, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also makes the lady wearing it appear sexier.

It is logical to assume they had made their own studies, which were probably much more extensive and dealt with in-depth details that are not part of this article.

Lingerie is in-fact a sexy thing that gets most men excited.

Why is women’s lingerie such a turn on for men?

Graph 2 : Why is women's lingerie such a turn on for men?
Graph 2 – Why women’s lingerie turns men on?

Question: “Why is women’s lingerie such a turn on for men?”

  • 41 men answered something along the lines: “I don’t know why exactly, it just makes her look sexier.”
  • 20 men answered something along the lines: “It creates suspense, and makes you wanna undress her to find what’s hiding beneath that lingerie.”
  • 15 men answered something along the lines: “Lingerie makes a woman appear more elegant and seductive.”
  • 8 men answered something along the lines: “Knowing she had put an effort to make herself look sexier for me, makes me very excited.”
  • 16 men answered with something else, giving an answer that can’t be merged into any of the above groups.

It is interesting that 41 male interviewees, couldn’t actually pin point what specifically is it about female lingerie that turns men on. They could simply reply that there’s something that makes women wearing sexy lingerie look hot, but what exactly it is remains a mystery. It is safe to assume that majority of men like seeing women in lingerie, but they don’t really know themselves what’s the reason for it.

It is sadly the truth that men are simple creatures and most of them do not possess the thinking pattern of a complex woman or care about details women like to spend entire day chewing on. When men see something they like, they don’t really question themselves trying to find some deeper meaning. They just go for it in most cases. Their female selection process is made of the same simplicity. And it seems their attention to detail regarding female lingerie also. They like it, just don’t know why, and sometimes fail to notice key parts of it :)

* Note that the two men, who replied negatively to the 1st question, had not answered the 2nd and the 3rd question, and their non-existing answers were assigned to category “other”.

What kind of lingerie do men find to be the sexiest?

What kind of lingerie do men find to be the sexiest? - Stockings, Thongs, Coursettes, ...
Graph 3 – Types of women’s lingerie men find the sexiest

Question: “What kind of lingerie do men find to be the sexiest?”

  • 30 men answered stockings,
  • 23 men answered thongs,
  • 17 men answered coursette,
  • 11 men answered high heels (as an addition to sexy lingerie),
  • 6 men mentioned gloves,
  • 4 men answered anklets (sexy ankle bracelets),
  • other 9 men gave an answer that couldn’t be categorized.

It is actually quite interesting that the sexiest lingerie turned out to be stockings. If I think about it from a woman POV, I rarely wear stockings. Maybe the lack of women wearing stocking turns them on? Stockings were followed by thongs and coursettes. I agree that tends to look hot, while high heels may not actually be lingerie, but they seem to make for a sexy fashionable addition.

We may just as well have a look at some images for better visualization of the sexiest lingerie that was picked by 100 men.

1. Stockings

sexiest lingerie - stockings

2. Thongs

thongs - hot lingerie that men love seeing woman wear

3. Coursette

hot woman wearing a coursette - sexiest lingerie 2020

4. High heels

Sexiest lingerie - 100 men answer what is the sexiest lingerie

5. Gloves

sexy leather gloves

6. Anklets

anklets - sexy woman ankle bracelet

I have to agree that some of these images do make a female body look quite astonishing. The sexiest lingerie according to men I have had a chance to interview can be seen on the photos above.

Personally, I find it hard to imagine myself wearing some of these for my husband. I guess I’m a bit shy, because I can’t find any rational explanation why wearing sexy lingerie wouldn’t be OK. Some of these also look very fashionable to wear for special occasions.

So, there you have it. These were the answers I got during my 1-week interview spree, asking men about what women’s lingerie do they find to be the hottest sexiest lingerie. This is what men fantasize about.

To conclude: What is the sexiest lingerie?

I’d just like to give an outro to this article, thanking you all for reading it. You can indeed wear most of the lingerie that was presented here on various different occasions – For work in the office, to a party, to high class diner, to an event, …

However, it seems that no man on this word would resent you, if you occasionally appear dressed in sexy lingerie, surprising him when he expects the least.

I am happy that I finally put my numbers together, created few charts for a better visualization and presented my research about the sexiest lingerie. Hope readers will find it interesting or helpful in some way or another.

But one thing is for sure, and I have to emphasize on it: To look sexy in lingerie, you must first put on some confidence. It is in-fact the key. It’s not about weight, it’s not about age, it’s about the self-esteem.

Thank you all, and have a great day!

Yours truly, Natalia


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