10 awesome non-sexual lube uses to try with your lubricant


To many times we are unable to “get out of the box” and use things the way they were not originally designed to be used for.

Like my friend the other day at this party, when we ran out of electricity, he went to his car and turned on the radio. That made me thinking: “If he can use his car as a stereo, what non-sexual lube uses could I try with my favorite lubricant?”

That’s how I began searching for cool stuff online and using what’s left of my brain cells along the way, coming up with these 10 non-sexual lube uses that everyone should try once in a while.

If you are wondering what type of lube is suitable for the presented uses – any type. However, the best outcomes you’re gonna get in most cases, is by using silicone-based lubes or an oil-based lube type of lube. Water-based are just not as durable and slick. They may do the trick, but not as good.

So, here we go. These are the 10 awesome lube uses that have nothing to do with sex.

fix squeaky door hinges

1 – Using your favorite lube to quiet a squeaky door

Annoyed by the nasty sound coming from opening/closing the door in your apartment? Don’t have oil or any other proper lubrication to use for fixing that?

Do not fear, lube for sex is here. You can apply your favorite sexual lubricant on those hinges to stop the squeaking sound, which is bothering you for days now.

It is best you take the door off the hinges, wipe them with a clean cloth, apply some lube, and voilà – Put back the door and you’ll notice there’s no more squeaking sound. One of my favorite non-sexual lube uses!

non-sexual lube uses - remove stuck wedding ring

2 – Can’t get your ring off? You can use lube to easily remove the wedding ring!

I hope you’re not trying to do that because you’re meeting someone and don’t want them to know you are married!? If you are doing it for this reason, keep in mind that you are a bad bad person and that the act of infidelity is the worst thing you can do to your partner and kids!

Anyway, we tend to forget about that wedding ring. And sometimes we don’t take it off for months. Gaining few pounds after marriage also doesn’t do us any favor.

Lube-up your ring finger and you should have no trouble getting that stuck wedding ring off. Let me know if it worked!

shoe polishing with a lube

3 – One of the greatest non sexual lube uses is effectively polishing your shoes

I remember, when I was a kid, my father would always neatly polish his shoes before going to work. Shoe paste was always in that same drawer, and we never ran out of it.

Now that I’m living on my own with my GF, I am really not that organized (I guess I should change something about that). Never kept shoe paste at my own place, and even if I did, I’d probably misplace it. However, once in a while, I also visit places that require “official” attire. And when I take out my shoes from that cabinet, they are usually all messy and everything but shinny.

Good thing I never misplace my bottle of Penchant Premium intimate lubricant. After polishing my shoes with the Penchant lube, they look as if I just brought them from the store shelf – brand new.

coconut oil for shaving

4 – Shaving any part of your body can be easier when lube is used

Shaving – if you don’t have something to provide the glide with, you better not shave at all. Your skin is going to get completely destroyed and the pain of ingrown hair will be real.

Lube can help a lot when shaving practically any part of your body. Using natural oils, such as coconut oil, can be great for shaving. It is actually much healthier for your skin, than a standard shaving cream.

Women should use coconut oil for shaving. Skin will appear so much softer and healthier. It also provides benefits to your intimate parts. Nothing is wrong if you apply some coconut oil to your vagina. Actually it’s very healthy:

  • it prevents yeast infections;
  • provides additional elasticity to your skin;
  • benefits your sexual well-being.
non sexual lube uses - use lube for massage

5 – Semi sex related lube use is giving her the best massage ever

Is your significant other tired? – Nothing will make them feel better than a good relaxing massage. But performing “dry” massage just doesn’t work well, cause there’s just too much friction.

Do you have a bottle of silicone-based lube stashed somewhere? – If yes that’s great because applying merely a drop of it to your hands will provide for the smoothest glide.

Besides, don’t you just love when your partners skin is all nice and shinny? It can get hot in there. Maybe this is not one of the non-sexual lube uses after all ;)

tame flyaways

6 – Using lubricant to tame flyaway hair

Flyaway and frizzy hair. Ain’t that the worst nightmare of every woman with long hair? You come to the event, dressed like a queen, but you can just feel that those flyaway aren’t doing you any favor.

Using silicone-based lube is great for taming flyaway hair. Main ingredient is dimethicone, which can in fact make your hair look smoother, shinier and fix those annoying flyaways. And the best thing is, your hair won’t look greasy at all!

But don’t over do it. Do it occasionally if you need to. Applying silicone to your hair everyday, doesn’t seem like a healthy idea in a long run, does it?

prevent chafing by applying some lube

7 – Prevent chafing

I still remember back in the days when I was very (and I mean very) fit, I would go and run marathon. The worst thing after, wasn’t the muscle pain, wasn’t the soreness, … the worst thing was chafing between my inner thighs.

I guess skin was rubbing against the skin, or it was against the clothing? – I can’t remember. All I know is, that it needed like 6 days to stop hurting completely.

Today, I still go jogging occasional. But I never forget to apply a thin layer of lube to my inner thighs when I know the distance I want to beat is over 7 miles (ca. 11 km). When thinking about non-sexual lube uses, preventing chafing is the one that I personally find very practical.

painful bandage removing

8 – Removing bandages without painfully pulling out your hair

Have you recently had an accident that required a bandage? Did your kid fell of his bicycle and hurt his leg? The worst is yet to come when you’ll have to remove that super glued bandage off the skin!

If you want to avoid pain and crying while removing that bandage, you should soak it with some lube. Any kind of lube will work just fine.

The hair will stay intact and you will not be ripping portions of skin. Which is not just painful but also pretty unhealthy and can lead to permanent skin damage.

removing makeup with coconut oil

9 – Efficiently removing makeup is one of the best non-sexual lube uses

Some intimate lubricants work great as makeup removers. One of such is again, the coconut oil. Using coconut oil for removing makeup will not only work efficiently, but will also revitalize your skin.

Keep in mind that silicone-lubricants don’t have notable skin benefits, while natural oils do. Also, silicone doesn’t get absorbed by the skin (or very very minimal), while the oil will get absorbed.

Coconut oil is the way to go! And if you want to get the most out of it, use cold-pressed EV coconut oil. It contains the highest amount of nutrition and is thought to be very medicinal when it comes to skin care.

Fishing Reel Lube

10 – Fishing? Use a lube to make your fishing reel run smoother

Just few weeks ago, I was with my friend boat fishing from in the sea. Needless to say, one of the older fishing rods wasn’t working as it should. The spinning reel had this friction to it, you could just feel it.

We were fishing 3 days straight, and luckily I had my lube with me back in the place where we were staying. After noticing the flaw on that one spinning reel, I knew I could fix it with my Uberlube (awesome silicone-based lube).

That one fishing rod was taken with us back to the house, while other rods were left on the boat (we were coming back the next day for more fish). We then made minimal disassembling of the flawed spinning reel, also removing the big center piece. We did this, so we could clean it up properly and to put some lube onto the center axis. After assembling it back, it worked like brand new. It ran so smooth. If you’re into fishing and your spinning reel is giving you hard time, definitely try this one!

Non-sexual lube uses that can come in handy

There we go! These were the 10 lube uses that can come in handy anytime you are left with a challenge that is not sex related.

You should however note, that these non-sexual lube uses are basically improvisation in most cases, and that you shouldn’t treat them as permanent solutions.

Besides, intimate lubricants aren’t cheap. Using a proper product that was designed to take on a specific challenge is probably cheaper (and in most cases, better).

However, as we could all see, the lube can help us solve things that we never imagined when initially purchasing it. So, let’s all be thankful to lube manufacturers who help us enjoy sexual acts, and get through life with an ease :)

Thanks for reading. Cya!


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